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Let’s get to know Marie-Emilienne and I AM Patterns!

We are so happy to be stocking the super cool patterns by I AM PATTERNS and we invited the lovely Marie-Emilienne to join us for a quick Q&A so you could find out all about her pattern company.

I AM Patterns

Q: Tell us about I AM PATTERNS!

A: I AM PATTERNS is a French indie pattern company that started 2 years ago. I was very surprised of it’s instant great success and I would like to thank our great sewing community for this. Currently, there is Marie-Emilienne, that designs, creates, drapes and makes the patterns. Blandine and Juliette are part time to help with everything else: answering your emails, posting your patterns, up-dating the website and so much more. Delia is our amazing mannequin. We are doing our best to offer you a range of contemporary, trendy and comfortable patterns.

I Am Patterns

Q: Describe the style of your garments in three words.

A: Casual Chic Urban

I AM Patterns

Q: Tell us about the person you design for.

A: My patterns appeal to a wide range of people but it seems that modern urban women are those who cherish our patterns the most.

I AM Patterns

Q: What body shapes work best with your patterns?

A: There are a wide range of body shapes that work with our patterns. It depends on each pattern.

I AM Patterns

Q: What should home dressmakers know about using your patterns?

A: The greatest thing is that the seam allowances are included in the patterns. You can print PDF patterns either on A4, US and A0 paper. On PDF, the patterns do not overlap. Also, on top of the printed sewing instructions, we also have step by step photo instructions on our website.

I am patterns

You can find out more about I AM PATTERNS on their website and find our selection of their awesome patterns in our shop here.

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Hearts & Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine’s Day

We’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit! And here is a cute DIY you can make play with your Valentine courtesy of Laura Howard! Over to you, Laura!

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Instead of Noughts and Crosses, why not play a game of Hearts and Kisses! Use colourful wool blend felt to make this felt game board and pieces decorated with hearts and X-shaped “kisses”. For even quicker crafting, glue the felt game pieces together with craft glue and make a board from colourful card.

Tools & Materials:
The PDF template sheet.
Wool blend felt in Fuchsia, Cotton Candy, Purple and Wisteria.
Sewing thread to match the pink felt.
Stranded embroidery thread to match the light purple felt.
A sewing needle and pins.
White tissue paper.
A ruler and a pencil.
Sewing scissors or embroidery scissors (these are great for cutting out small felt shapes!).
Optional: an air-erasable fabric marker.

To make the Tic Tac Toe set:

1. Use the templates provided to cut 12 circles from bright pink felt and 12 circles from light pink felt. Also cut out six bright pink hearts and six crosses.

2. Sew each heart and cross onto a contrasting felt circle with backstitch and matching thread, as shown.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

3. Join the decorated and plain felt circles together using blanket stitch and matching sewing thread (if you prefer, you could use whip stitch or running stitch instead of blanket stitch).

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

4. Cut out two six by six inch squares: one from light purple felt and one from dark purple felt. Use a ruler and a pencil to create a square paper template, or use a ruler and an air erasable fabric marker to draw the squares directly onto the felt.

5. Trace the grid from the template sheet onto a piece of white tissue paper. Pin the tissue paper to the dark purple square so that the design is centred in the square. Tack the paper to the felt with large stitches, remove the pins and trim any excess tissue paper overhanging the edges of the felt.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

6. Sew along the four lines with running stitch and light purple embroidery thread. Use three strands (out of the six in the skein) and try to keep your stitches evenly sized and spaced.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

7. Remove the tacking stitches and carefully tear away the tissue paper, revealing the stitching.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

8. Pin the dark purple and light purple felt squares together so the edges line up neatly. Sew around the edges with blanket stitch, using three strands of light purple embroidery thread as before.

The blanket stitch finishes the edges neatly and creates a bit of extra decoration, but if you prefer you can use sewing thread for less visible stitching and sew around the edges with whip stitch or running stitch.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Don’t you love this? We do!

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

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Introducing our Thursday night Sewing Social!

I’m so excited to launch a new social club for sewers on Thursday nights! Sewing with friends (and making friends through sewing) is the best, but lugging your machine all over London? Definitely not the best. Sign up for our weekly Sewing Social and all you need to bring is your project! We have Janome sewing machines, overlockers, all the tools you need and ample cutting space. Come to think of it, we have fabric and patterns too, so you don’t actually even need to bring a project…

Thursday night sewing social

Places are £8 per hour and you can book in here for our first event on Thursday, 15 February. You can use the time to sew, trace a pattern, cut out patchwork, press your seams or hand-stitch your hems – whatever you’re in the mood for! But please remember: this is not a class. You must know how to use a sewing machine if you plan to use one, although you can always count on your fellow sewers to offer advice when you get a bit stuck!

We are also looking for volunteer hosts! Hosts will be able to attend for free and will be responsible for making sure everyone feels welcome and included and helping us promote the evenings they are hosting. There will always be a member of staff in the shop, but Thursdays can be busy so we’ll count on our hosts to help us keep things running smoothly! Get in touch at [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself if you’re interested in hosting.

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Lets all wear…Christmas dresses!

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought it was time to inspire you with different outfit and inspiration ideas for your perfect Christmas dress! Whether you want something modern or with a more retro vibe, we’ve got you covered!

Christmas Dress fabric and pattern ideas

The  Tilly and the Buttons Martha Dress is a gorgeous dress pattern has so many different options to play with, its great if you wish to make more than one! Whether you want long sleeves, short sleeves, add some trim, a long hem or a midi hem, you absolutely can! We’ve chosen Pixie Noel – Pixie Socks in Navy as we think it would look gorgeous and cute at the same time! Who else loves navy at Christmas?

Tilly and the Buttons Martha Dress

The tie up bow feature from the ‘Sudley dress‘ by Megan Nielsen, makes it a must have! Its one of those dresses you want in multiple fabrics for all seasons and occasions. The festive Highland Leaves in Natural woodland fabric features evergreen leaves on a natural background and would suit this dress pattern amazingly! Great if you want an every-day dress, that you can wear with some comfy, chunky tights and boots.

Megan Nielsen Sudley Dress

The Collette Wren Dress has such a lovely shape and drape that a simple knit fabric would work wonders. It has a wrap-style front with optional sleeves, suitable to flatter all shapes and sizes! The ‘Interlock Solid in Tango Red‘ is a super soft, organic knit and the ideal colour for Christmas. Why not dress it up with a brooch or two?

Colette Wren Dress

Wanting some matching outfits this Christmas? The Trapeze & Trapezette dress patterns by Merchant & Mills are perfect. They are simple silhouettes, but with a beautiful fabric choice like our Garnet shot cotton you’re bound to stand out from the crowd. This fabric and all of our shot cottons are soft, with beautiful drape and a warm glow created by the different coloured yarns used in the warp and weft of the fabric.

Merchant & Mills Trapeze Dress

If you’re wishing for something bold, bright and a little funky, these adorable party Llamas (Llama Navidad in Red) are the perfect fit! The Christine Haynes Emery Dress screams sixties vibes, with the cute waist bow, fitted bodice and hand sewn hem.

We just had to feature the NamedLempi Button Down Dress as it has a great 1940s edge to it. If you’re wanting pockets and something with structure, then give this one a try! The Festive Ornaments in Black is such a cool print and pairs perfectly with this fierce dress pattern!

Named Lempi Dress

How about something with total class? Maybe something you can wear for a Christmas night out? You can’t go wrong with the beautiful Nutcracker Act 1 – Mini Overture in Cranberry fabric. It has such a lovely shimmery metallic print! The Betty Dress by Sew Over it will give a beautiful silhouette shape as it nips in at the waist and flares out. It features an invisible zip and facings.

Sew Over It Betty Dress

I hope this has inspired you to make a Christmas dress this year! And if you’re wanting to make one but feeling a little unsure or rusty with your dressmaking skills, why not take our Sew a Christmas Dress class with Charlotte Newland and make the Emery Dress? Book your place here.

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Let’s all wear…shirts and shirtdresses!

We have lots of shirt and shirtdress patterns in stock at the moment and the lovely Alice (one of the newest members of our team) has put together a round up of them all for you with some top styling tips too! Take it away Alice!

Shirts are a staple piece when it comes to your wardrobe. They’re a perfect example of a versatile garment. Whether it’s for work, a summer’s day, a night out in town or a cosy day in, a shirt will work. Here at The Village Haberdashery, we have plenty of different shirt patterns to keep you inspired! From blouses, shirt dresses, tunics, all ages for male & female – you’re bound to find a pattern you wish to make over & over again.

This month, we’ve been looking at ways to jazz those shirts up. So we’ve put together this to inspire you to get shirt making.

Named Patterns – Helmi Trench Blouse & Tunic Dress

Named Patterns have such a classic, ‘high end’ look to them – they’re great for those staple wardrobe items. This one has two different options you could go for. The Tunic Dress features a concealed button closure & half sleeves. It’s a tad more advanced, so if you’re an intermediate sewer – why not give this a go! As its made up of two parts, we thought why not mix it up and use two fabrics, just to make it even more unique to yourself! The fabrics we’ve chosen are Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co – Watercolour in Multi & Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co – Champagne in blush metallic. You could even opt for a plain solid colour & add some personalisation with our Iron – On Glitter Sheets. We feel the two contrasting fabrics would really bring this shirt to life & make it perfect if you’re having a night out!

Grainline Studios – Alder Shirtdress

You can’t go wrong with a denim shirt. This pattern is made up of two different versions – View A, is a-Line, whereas View B is a gathered skirt at the back & sides. Its great for summer as its sleeveless but also perfect for winter as you can just pop on a cardigan! We may have gone for the black Stapleford Denim, however, with a pop of colour it can become quite striking. How about these Embroidery Transfers by Sublime Stitching. They’re so easy to use & with multiple usage you could place them over and over again! As they say ‘floral embroidery is a must!’. How about a floral pocket feature or a floral collar? You could even embroider a floral bouquet on the back of the shirt!

Closet Case Patterns- Kalle Shirt Dress

The Kalle Shirt Dress is a loose fitting shirt dress, great for all seasons! If you haven’t sewn a shirt before, this is a great pattern to choose. It gives you the option to choose what kind of collar you want & button style, making it a super personalised shirt! For this we’ve opted for Linen/Viscose Chambray – Denim Blue & added some pom poms! Pom Poms & trimmings are a great way to make something fun and look totally unique! We have so many options here at The Village Haberdashery from ready made pom pom trims to a wide of variety of ribbons, such as gingham, striped, grosgrain & satins of all different sizes! They would look great as a sleeve trimming or for the hem to give it a festival feeling! They work really well against this fabric, which almost has a ‘denim look’.

Colette Patterns – Aster Blouse

The shape of this blouse is lovely! Its classic & smart, yet casual. Great for any type of wear and style! If you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer – there is no holding back with this pattern! With three different options & a variety of techniques, you’re bound to find one that suits your wardrobe – as well as learning loads of new things along the way! We’ve gone for option 3, as the fluttered sleeves would look great with this fabric. The fabric we’ve chosen is Wonderland rayon by Rifle Paper Co – Painted Roses in Orange. Paired with a classic pair of skinny jeans & boots – perfect Autumn outfit! As the fabric is so detailed, not much embellishment is needed – just some great matching & bright buttons!

Megan Nielsen – Darling Ranges Dress

We cannot go without featuring some stripes! The fabric is Cotton Chambray – Blue Stripe. It’s lovely & light, and would create a simple yet effective every day staple shirt. Iron-on motifs are all the range right now with so many options available. You could go for a cute cherry or summery flamboyant flamingo! They make a great addition and so simple to use too. Or how about some machine embroidery if you’re feeling adventurous? We have some freehand machine embroidery classes coming up too, if it’s something you’re keen to learn. This pattern features so many options from a deep v-neck, high waistline, different sleeve lengths, pockets & darts! Great to be made over & over again.

Colette Patterns – Penny Dress

This Monstera in Midnight Rayon Lawn by Rifle Paper Co. (from their Menagerie collection) is utterly gorgeous which such a lovely drape, it’s a perfect fit for this pattern! The dress is an iconic shape and reminds us of the fifties – It definitely has that ‘Christian Dior’ feel! You could sew this dress in a shirting cotton or a rayon/lawn like we’ve chosen & it would be perfect for any occasion! The pattern features a sleeve-less option, a full fitted circle skirt & a high waisted waistband. You could mix & match to create the perfect shape for you! We’ve paired it with some neutral buttons here.

Tilly & The Buttons – Rosa Shirt & Shirt Dress

Rosa Shirtdress

This pattern definitely has western vibes! They both have so many different, awesome sewing features such as a pointed back yoke, roll up sleeves with optional buttons tabs, piping & buttons! (Hello, self covered buttons!). You can buy piping, or you could have a go at making it yourself. There are so many free tutorials nowadays, definitely make the most of them. As we’re feeling western when it comes to this pattern, we went for a cotton denim, in this lovely mustard shade – a great Autumn colour! Paired with the Jungle fabric from the new Menagerie collection to make the piping & self covered buttons. It would look awesome!

Cashmerette – Harrison Shirt & Lenox Shirtdress

It’s time to bust out the tailoring skills for this one! (sort of!) Both versions of patterns feature classic tailoring details such as button bands, two piece collar and princess seams! They’re patterns that can be made over and over for workwear or for a everyday effortless style! Did I also mention the Lenox Shirtdress has pockets?! A cotton lawn would look great for these patterns. With matching buttons, you can’t go wrong! We’ve chosen the stunning Cotton Lawn – Lily Brasilia by Lady McElroy and some elegant shell buttons.

Sew Over It – Vintage Shirt Dress

This dress shouts retro chic! Its one of those shirt dresses that you can put on, whatever the season or weather and look effortless! As it is so versatile, the fabric options are endless! Whether you wish to go for a lightweight cotton like we’ve chosen (this one is Blue Moon – Folkstone in Midnight), a rayon or a heavy denim – it’s a great pattern to make completely your own. Its definitely filled with a variety of techniques to keep you learning and refreshing, with pleats, facings, collar & buttonholes! Why not make a matching tie-up belt or use some velvet ribbon to give it that extra classy feel!

Walden by Colette – Negroni Shirt

As well as womenswear patterns, we also stock menswear! This shirt is a classic, modern man’s shirt, great to pop over a t-shirt or to wear with a pair of jeans & boots. The shirt suggests a variety of different fabrics to use, such as flannel, rayon and shirting! It also features optional collar suggestions too! I feel you can’t go wrong with this pattern. This Lawn by Rifle Paper Co. is super cool & smart! It features a repeating pattern, is super lightweight with a slight stiffness, yet holds its shape. Perfect to pair with some simple black buttons.

Merchant & Mills – The All State Shirt

I’m loving this shirt! It’s bringing back that retro, american fifties feel with its short sleeve & box fit. Is great if you’re looking for something a little different. The pattern features a pockets, back yoke & short side splits. The fabric we’ve chosen is a little quirky, however, we think would work well! Its a cotton chambray (Chambray Boulevard Prints – Southwest Stripe in Indigo), with a directional print. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, directional prints are a great next step with sewing or even just making menswear itself!

I hope we’ve left you feeling super inspired to have a go at making some shirts for yourself, a friends or a partners wardrobe! Share your photos & makes on Instagram or Facebook with #thevillagehaberdashery! We’d love to see what you create!

Thanks Alice! I’m totally inspired to get shirt making now!

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