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Free Rainbow Orbit embroidery pattern from Mandalas to Embroider by Carina Envoldsen-Harris!

We are so excited to have our embroidery teacher Carina Envoldsen-Harris on The Daily Stitch today to share a project from her new book, Mandalas to Embroider!

Mandalas to Embroider by Carina Envoldsen-Harris from Polka and Bloom

In this gorgeous book, Carina has carefully created 24 exquisite, meditative mandalas that will delight and inspire anyone who loves embroidery and making beautiful things. With Carina’s guidance you’ll learn to embroider 12 large and 12 small mandalas, using just 10 stitches, Following the delicate patterns in these stunning motifs will help soothe your mind and treat yourself to some tranquility.

Carina and the lovely people at Search Press have a pattern from the book to share with you: the Rainbow Orbit! In this imaginary Solar System, you can begin with the star in the centre, and then work your way outwards, or start with the circles and then add the other stitches. Maybe savour working one colour at a time before moving on to the next.

Take it away, Carina…

Free rainbow orbit embroidery pattern from Mandalas to Embroider by Carina Envoldsen-Harris


I hope you enjoy this pattern from Mandalas to Embroider. It is actually one of my favourites, but don’t tell the rest of the mandalas that I said that! 🙂 This pattern is fun to stitch using lots of colours, or a few or even in white on a solid background as in this sample cushion from the book.

Click here for the pattern

Click here for the stitch guide

Photo credit: Christine Asbridge @chrissie_crafts

If you are making your cushion cover from scratch, do the embroidery before sewing up your cover. However, if you want to embroider a cushion cover you bought ready made, it can be a bit awkward because you only have one “access point” to the embroidery. When I embellish a shop bought cushion cover, I like to turn the cover inside out and rip one of the side seams and/or the top seam so I have better access to do the embroidery. Once the embroidery is done, I simply sew the seams together again on my sewing machine – or you can do it by hand if you don’t have a machine. Either way, it won’t take long to sew together and the easier access to doing the embroidery will save you a lot of frustration.

The Rainbow Orbit pattern fits in a 6″ embroidery hoop but you can easily add more “orbits” to it if you like. If you have a compass that can make a large enough circle, simply use that to draw a larger circle around the pattern. But if you don’t have a compass, here’s a way to add another orbit circle to the pattern…

Print the pattern in the middle of the page and set aside. On a different sheet of paper, draw a circle using the inside of the inner hoop (6″) as your guide.


Draw two lines in a cross from edge to edge on this circle. In the centre, draw a 1″ diameter circle.


Cut out the small circle and then cut away the paper around the large circle. On the pattern, draw a cross in pencil going through the centre.


Lay your cut out circle over the pattern. Use the small circle to find the centre of the pattern. Line up the two crosses and stick down the circle using a bits of washi/masking tape in the centre.


Draw all the way around the circle and then remove the circle and tape. The circle you just drew will be the baseline for the new “orbit”.

Add stitch symbols to fill in the new orbit. Dots for French knots, Vs for fly stitch etc. The baseline can be stitched with back stitch or running stitch.


Draw your new orbit in pencil at first, so it’s easy to make changes. Once you are happy with your new design, go over everything with a black pen and then rub out any pencil marks that you don’t need.

Stitching suggestions: Work the continuous stitches first: back stitch, chain stitch and running stitch. Then, move onto the rows of individual stitches: French knot, lazy daisy and star

Thank you, Carina!

Find signed copies of Mandalas to Embroider in the shop here! Carina also teaches our Embroidery for beginners classes at our West Hampstead shop.

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Plant lady fabric, crafts, stationery and more at The Village Haberdashery

Plant ladies, this round-up is for you!

Note: The content of this post is similar to what we shared in today’s newsletter. If you want updates delivered to your inbox each week, pop your email in the box on the right or sign up here!

Shop our new plant lady section!

We’re loving the botanical trend – all of those gorgeous tropical plants, succulents and cacti on every surface – so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite plant-themed products from around the shop in our new Plant Lady section!

Plant lady fabric, haberdashery and crafts at The Village Haberdashery

Let’s start with all of the lush fabrics we have in the shop for all your dressmaking, quilting and craft projects!

Botanical fabrics at The Village Haberdashery

Fresh in the shop are these beautiful tropical cotton lawns by British design house Lady McElroy. We’re thinking summer dresses and swishy skirts!

Beautiful tropical cotton lawns by British design house Lady McElroy

We love the fun organic cotton Leaves in Green by designer Jessica Nielsen for Cloud9 fabrics, which would look awesome as a tote bag. And the Brambleberry in Evergreen Metallic has lovely sparkly gold accents, perfect for quilting, apparel, and home decor accents like table runners and accent pillows.

Botanical fabrics at The Village Haberdashery

This stunning Nani Iro double gauze is perfect for Summer garments! Feeling a little freaked out about sewing with double gauze? We’ve rounded up our top three favourite resources for sewing with it on The Daily Stitch here.

We also love the beautiful texture of the Manchester yarn-dyed cotton fabrics by Robert Kaufman. We only have a small amount of it left in Fern, so be quick! You can shop all our colours of Manchester yard-dyed cottons here.

Nani Iro double gauze fabric at The Village Haberdashery

We’re also still swooning over the beautiful Rose Garden in Moss Metallic, part of the Wonderland collection by Rifle Paper Co. This 100% quilting weight cotton is perfect for children’s clothing and cushions.

Wonderland by Rifle Paper Co. - Rose Garden in Moss Metallic

You can shop all our favourite botanical fabrics here.

Shop Plant Lady fabric, haberdashery, crafts and more at The Village Haberdashery

Embroidery and cross stitch

Stitch your own garden with the Garden Variety embroidery pattern by Sublime Stitching. With lazy daisies, stem stitches and plenty of French knots for seeds, play around and see what pops up! We stock a huge range of embroidery floss in a rainbow of colours for your embroidery projects. We also have these awesome Cactus mini cross stitch kits from The Make Arcade which come with everything you need to get stitching. Shop all our embroidery range here.

Botanical embroidery and cross stitch

Cactus enamel charm for zippers

We love this fun Cactus charm, perfect for hanging on your zipper pull, weaving into your friendship bracelet or hanging on a necklace or charm bracelet! We have lots of other summery charm designs in stock, including this fun Rainbow Ice Cream one. Shop all our enamel charms here, and shop our full range of zippers here.

Cactus enamel charm for zippers

Botanical greeting cards and gift wrap

Continuing our botanical theme, we’ve also rounded up some of our favourite plant-themed greeting cards! Tell a friend ‘Hola’ with this fun pom-pom cactus 3D card by Meri Meri. Celebrate their Birthday with this Floral Birthday card by Natalie Lea Owen. Or tell that person you love how you feel with this botanical ‘Wild About You‘ card by BerinMade!

Botanical greeting cards at The Village Haberdashery

We also have this awesome Cactus gift wrap by Meri Meri for the perfect finishing touch to your gifts. Shop all our greeting cards here.

Gift wrap at The Village Haberdashery

Washi tape for green thumbs

We love washi tape! It’s strong but easy to remove from most surfaces and comes in an endless variety of colours and patterns. Use it to decorate gift wrap, cards, notebooks, even furniture… the possibilities really are endless!

Washi tape at The Village Haberdashery

This Italiensk Blomsterhylla design features row upon row of Italian plants in jazzy pots in varying shapes and sizes. Use it to decorate an actual plant pot, brighten up a boring picture frame or personalise presents. Shop all our washi tape here.

Washi Tape - Almedahls - Italiensk Blomsterhylla

Cacti stamp by Yellow Owl Workshop

This Cacti stamp by Yellow Owl Workshop is so much fun! The premium natural rubber stamp makes it easy to see where you have inked and the thick foam cushion makes for reliable stamped prints. Personalise invitations, gift tags, snail mail, and more! Use your stamp with this handy 10 Colour Mini Ink Pad Set featuring a rainbow of colours including silver and gold. Shop all our stamps and ink pads here.

Cacti stamp by Yellow Owl Workshop

Rag Rugging with Elspeth Jackson

Learn to turn old rags into upcycled homeware with the beautiful craft of rag rugging! Our beginners’ workshop is designed to give you all the skills you need to be able to start any rag rug project for yourself at home. With plenty of help from our expert instructor throughout the day, you will learn how to use rag rug equipment, how to work with hessian, how to choose and prepare materials, how to design for rag rug, how to do the two different types of rag rugging (loopy and shaggy) and how to finish your work.

Rag Rugging for Beginners with Elspeth Jackson

During the session you will get the opportunity to begin a rug, cushion or smaller project (depending on how ambitious you’re feeling!). All the rag rug materials are provided on the day and you’ll get a latch hook to take home with you! Our next rag rugging class is on 10 September and you can find out more here.

Special offer!

We’ve added new fabrics to our sale section at 40% off, including jersey, lawn and quilting cotton! Start shopping here.

New fabrics added to the sale!

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We now stock Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns and tools!

Our embroidery and needlepoint section continues to grow! We are now stocking the fun and fabulous embroidery patterns and tools from Sublime Stitching and our heads are spinning with ideas. Here’s a peek at what we have in the shop.

Spaced Out: Robots and space ships – we’re over the moon about these nerdy designs!

Sublime Stitching Spaced Out

 Unicorn Believer: Enter a magical land where all of your embroidery dreams come true!

Sublime Stitching Unicorn Believer

Winterland: Vintage ornaments, skates, holly and ho ho ho will add festive charm to your stitching!

Sublime Stitching Winterland

 Plus we have some great new tools for embroidery!

Trace any design – no lightbox or sunny window needed with Sublime’s Tracing Paper.

Sublime Stitching Tracing Paper

Want to embroider on a t-shirt or babygro? Not without Sublime’s T-Shirt Stabiliser you don’t!

Sublime Stitching T-Shirt Stabiliser

Sublime’s Carbon Transfer Paper is for tracing PDFs, or any non-transferrable design.

Sublime Stitching Carbon Transfer Paper

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Fat Quarterly Retreat name badges

Wow, so much happening, so little blogging. For shame! But I couldn’t go without posting my Fat Quarterly Retreat name badge, which I am so very excited about!

My badge was made by Laura at Needles, Pins and Baking Tins. She saw that I like to knit and she crochets so she incorporated that into the design. I didn’t get a picture of the back but it has a pin so I can wear it either way. It also came wrapped in this lovely fabric!

The package came when Maddie was over and she thought it was so cool. Seriously she couldn’t stop looking at it or asking me questions about it. Finally I let her wear it for a little while. I have to agree it’s lovely – I am so pleased.

I, on the other hand, am a very bad swapper, and I’m 99% sure the recipient of my name badge thinks I’ve forgotten her. I didn’t realise these were supposed to be done at the beginning of May! But I AM working on it. Here is a peek, before the name goes on. If you haven’t received your badge yet, this might be yours so don’t be sad…

This is my first ever attempt at embroidery and I enjoyed it so much! This design is from the Embroidery Companion by Alicia Paulson which is such a great book!

Here’s the back – pretty tidy, eh? Get me!

I’m pleased, but Maddie says it’s not as nice as the one I received. Hopefully she’ll change her tune when it’s finished – and it WILL be finished!

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