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Hearts & Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine’s Day

We’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit! And here is a cute DIY you can make play with your Valentine courtesy of Laura Howard! Over to you, Laura!

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Instead of Noughts and Crosses, why not play a game of Hearts and Kisses! Use colourful wool blend felt to make this felt game board and pieces decorated with hearts and X-shaped “kisses”. For even quicker crafting, glue the felt game pieces together with craft glue and make a board from colourful card.

Tools & Materials:
The PDF template sheet.
Wool blend felt in Fuchsia, Cotton Candy, Purple and Wisteria.
Sewing thread to match the pink felt.
Stranded embroidery thread to match the light purple felt.
A sewing needle and pins.
White tissue paper.
A ruler and a pencil.
Sewing scissors or embroidery scissors (these are great for cutting out small felt shapes!).
Optional: an air-erasable fabric marker.

To make the Tic Tac Toe set:

1. Use the templates provided to cut 12 circles from bright pink felt and 12 circles from light pink felt. Also cut out six bright pink hearts and six crosses.

2. Sew each heart and cross onto a contrasting felt circle with backstitch and matching thread, as shown.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

3. Join the decorated and plain felt circles together using blanket stitch and matching sewing thread (if you prefer, you could use whip stitch or running stitch instead of blanket stitch).

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

4. Cut out two six by six inch squares: one from light purple felt and one from dark purple felt. Use a ruler and a pencil to create a square paper template, or use a ruler and an air erasable fabric marker to draw the squares directly onto the felt.

5. Trace the grid from the template sheet onto a piece of white tissue paper. Pin the tissue paper to the dark purple square so that the design is centred in the square. Tack the paper to the felt with large stitches, remove the pins and trim any excess tissue paper overhanging the edges of the felt.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

6. Sew along the four lines with running stitch and light purple embroidery thread. Use three strands (out of the six in the skein) and try to keep your stitches evenly sized and spaced.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

7. Remove the tacking stitches and carefully tear away the tissue paper, revealing the stitching.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

8. Pin the dark purple and light purple felt squares together so the edges line up neatly. Sew around the edges with blanket stitch, using three strands of light purple embroidery thread as before.

The blanket stitch finishes the edges neatly and creates a bit of extra decoration, but if you prefer you can use sewing thread for less visible stitching and sew around the edges with whip stitch or running stitch.

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

Don’t you love this? We do!

Hearts and Kisses Felt Tic Tac Toe Set DIY for Valentine's Day

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Pun-tastic Valentine’s Cards DIY

We are getting into the Valentine’s crafting spirit hard in our shop, and Laura Howard is helping spread the love with some fab tutorials. Read on to find out how to make these truly wonderful pun-tastic Valentines for someone you love! Thanks, Laura!

Pun-Tastic Valentines DIY

Today I’m sharing templates for making cute and colourful Valentine’s Day cards inspired by silly puns. BEE mine, I’m PINE-ing for you, You make me HOPPY – whichever card (or cards) you choose, I hope you’ll have fun making these!

Pun-Tastic Valentines Cards

All these cards were made using the fab Super Colour 60 paper pad, which includes loads of great shades for all your paper crafting projects. Each pad includes a mix of light and heavy weight paper/card – I used the thick sheets for the cards themselves then cut out the shapes making up each design from the lighter weight paper. The lighter weight paper is also great for making coordinating envelopes.

You could also decorate a pack of blank cards and matching envelopes, or cut all the shapes from white paper and use colouring pencils, pens or even paints to add colour.

Tools and Materials:
The printable PDF template sheets.
Coloured paper and card – I used the Super Colour 60 paper pad.
A sharp pencil and an eraser
A fine black pen
A ruler
Felt tip pens or markers
A glue stick
Optional: scrap paper to protect your workspace.

To make each card:
1. Cut your chosen A4 card sheet in half then fold it in half to make a blank card to decorate. An easy way to do this is to fold a plain piece of A4 paper in half and use that as a guide to help you quickly draw a pencil line down the centre of the card. Carefully cut along the line then fold the card in half.

2. Use the templates provided and the instructions below to cut out all the pieces of coloured paper required to make up your chosen design. To cut out each shape, turn the template over and place it on the paper you’ve chosen. Use a sharp pencil to carefully trace around the paper template then cut out the shape and turn it over, leaving you with a finished shape with no visible pencil lines.

3. Arrange the pieces on the card and glue them in position using a glue stick. When gluing paper pieces, I like to turn the shapes over and place them face down on a piece of scrap paper – this way you can apply the glue right up to the edges of the shapes without worrying about getting glue on the table.

4. Use a fine black pen (or felt tips, as required) to add any necessary details to the design.

5. Finish the card by adding the pun-tastic message. For extra neatness, write the message in pencil first to plan the position and spacing of your words then write over the top in pen and erase the pencil once the ink has completely dried.

Pun-tastic Valentine's Cards A

You’re the apple of my eye.
Cut one red apple, one brown apple stalk, and one green apple leaf. Glue the apple then the stalk and leaf then use a fine black pen to draw a line down the centre of the leaf.

I’m pine-ing for you.
Cut one dark green pine tree and one brown tree trunk. Glue the pieces to the card.

You’re just my cup of tea.
Cut one pink or red heart and one cup in a contrasting colour (I chose bright blue). To cut out the hole inside the handle of the cup, cut through the shape at the top or bottom where the handle joins the bowl of the cup. Glue the cup then add the heart. If you want you can also use a fine black pen to draw wavy steam lines rising from the cup, or to add extra decorative details to the cup.

You’re purrrrrfect.
Cut one cat in a colour of your choice (I chose orange), two bright pink cat eyes, two pale pink cat ears (one left and one right) and one pale pink cat nose. I gave my cat heart eyes to be like the cat emoji, but if you prefer you can cut normal eyes for your cat. Glue the cat face to the card then add the small pieces. Use a fine black pen to give the cat whiskers and a smile (and, if needed, pupils for the eyes).

Bee mine.
Cut one yellow bee, one white bee wings, one flower (I chose lilac for this), one contrasting flower centre (I chose a bright orange), one pink flower heart, and two green leaves (one left and one right). Add a small bit of glue to the bottom of the wings, and stick them to the back of the bee, so the curved wings stick out as shown. Glue the flower then add the bee, flower centre, heart and leaves. If you find cutting out the small heart piece tricky, you can draw a heart with a pink pen instead! Use a green felt tip pen to draw the flower stalk, and a fine black pen to add stripes, a stinger and a smiley face to the bee.

You make me hoppy.
Cut one grey bunny, two pale pink bunny ears (one left and one right), two white bunny eyes, and one pink bunny nose. Glue the bunny face then add the small shapes. Use a fine black pen to give the bunny a smile, small whiskers, and big teeth, and to add pupils to the eyes.

Pun-tastic Valentine's Cards C

I’d be lost without you.
Cut one compass outer circle from a dark colour (I chose dark brown), one compass inner circle from a pale colour (I chose pale blue), and one compass points piece from a bold colour (I chose blue). Glue the outer circle to the card then add the inner circle so it’s centred on the larger shape. Then add the compass points in the middle and use a pen to draw four lines and the North, East, South, West markers.

I love you sew much.
Cut one bright thread piece (I chose bright pink), two bright buttons (I chose turquoise and lilac) and the top and bottom of the spool in white, cream or pale brown. Glue the thread and buttons, position the top and bottom spool pieces so they slightly overlap the thread, and then glue the spool pieces in place. Use a fine black pen to add detail to the top of the spool and the buttons, and to draw a sewing needle. Then use a felt tip pen matching your chosen thread colour to draw a curving line of thread running from the thread shape and through the eye of the needle.

I’m sweet on you.
Cut three sweets in assorted bright colours (I chose purple, orange and pink). Glue them to the card and use a fine black pen to draw a wrapper around each sweet.

Pun-tastic Valentine's cards D

I think you’re egg-cellent
Cut one white egg white, and one yellow egg yolk. Glue the egg white, add the egg yolk and use a fine black pen to give the yolk a smiley face.

I only have eyes for you
Cut one alien in a bright colour (I chose lime green) and lots of white eyes. Glue the alien to the card, then arrange the eyes and stick them in place. Use a fine black pen to give the alien a smile and to add a pupil to each eye.

You’re a-maze-ing.
Cut one maze from your chosen colour (I used pink). Glue it to the card then use a ruler to mark out the maze lines, using the template or the photo as a guide. You can draw the lines directly with a fine black pen, or draw them in pencil first then draw over them with pen when you’re happy with the design. Don’t forget to draw the lines around the outside of the maze, leaving a gap or to for the maze entrance(s)! Then cut a bright pink heart and stick it in the middle of the maze, or use a pink felt tip pen to draw a heart instead.

If you follow this tutorial to make any Valentines, please share them on Instagram and tag #thevillagehaberdashery so we can see your awesome work!

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Close up on our Valentine’s Day vignette!

Our new shop has lots of windows, but they aren’t quite as visible from the street. They are also smaller than our big window in the old shop. So what we’re doing now is creating smaller vignettes, which we’ll change out more frequently. And that means lots more inspiration for you!

Valentine's Day Vignette

This is the little vignette we put together for Valentine’s Day, photographed outside in West Hampstead Square. Our chief garment sample sewer is Kym and she made both of these lovely dresses!

Colette Myrtle Dress

This dress is a Colette Myrtle and it is sewn up in viscose/spandex jersey in Cardinal, one of the zillion new colours we have in stock.

Colette Myrtle Dress

The Myrtle is such a pretty and flirty pattern, yet in a drapey jersey with a relaxed fit, it’s also comfy!

Colette Myrtle Dress

Our little girl is wearing the Oliver + S Croquet Dress in the darling Hot to Trot print in red from Michael Miller‘s Equestrian collection.

Oliver + S Croquet Dress

The contrast bands are Kona Cotton Solids in Paprika.

Oliver + S Croquet Dress

These paper flowers were created for our Les Fleurs window and have faded a little from being in the window, but I love the way they look wrapped around this old ladder!

Paper flower ladder

I’m just going to keep trying to think of ways to use this ladder in displays. It’s so fun!

Paper flower ladder

Want more Valentine’s Day ideas? See Laura Howard’s February Valentine’s Heart Wreath tutorial and Caroline’s Scrappy Heart Wreath tutorial.

Pop in to our new West Hampstead shop to see these lovely garments in person!

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A Year of Wreaths: February Valentine’s Heart Wreath by Laura Howard

It’s time for the February wreath in our Year of Wreaths series with Laura Howard! Read on for her Valentine’s Heart Wreath tutorial and pick up a kit here. Take it away, Laura!

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

My monthly wreath project continues with a heart-themed wreath to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to spread a little love and happiness!

This month’s wreath features embroidered felt hearts, pretty ricrac and some gorgeous purple yarn. All the supplies you’ll need are available from the Village Haberdashery shop – follow the links below for individual items or click here for the February wreath kit.

You will need:
*The template sheet provided (click here to download and print the PDF)
*A 30cm polystyrene ring wreath base
*Wool blend felt in Red, Wisteria, Cotton Candy and Fuchsia
*2 balls of Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran in Berry
*80cm purple ric rac
*1 skein of white embroidery thread
*Red sewing thread
*Sewing scissors
*Embroidery scissors
*Pinking shears
*Sewing needles and pins
*A large, sharp needle
*A glue gun and glue
*A heat-proof mat for the glue gun
*Newspaper to protect your workspace from any glue drips
*Optional: an air-erasable fabric marker

To make the wreath:

1. Decorate the wreath base with Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran in Berry.

Secure the yarn with a knot at what will become the back of your wreath. Begin wrapping the yarn around the wreath base, passing the ball of yarn through the hole in the centre of the wreath as you wrap the yarn around the outside. Hide the loose yarn end under the yarn as you wrap, and make sure that you’re not leaving any gaps where the white wreath base shows through. Continue wrapping, gradually covering the whole of the wreath base, and switch to a second ball as needed. Wrapping the wreath takes a while, so I highly recommend wrapping your wreath while watching a film or some episodes of your favourite TV show.

Once the whole wreath base has been covered with yarn, tie a knot securely at the back and carefully trim the loose end so it won’t be visible when the wreath is hung up.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
2. Use the templates provided to cut out the following felt pieces: 2 x Heart A in red, 1 x Heart A in wisteria, 1 x Heart B in red, and 2 x Heart B in wisteria.

Tip: embroidery scissors are perfect for cutting out small felt shapes!

3. Place one of the smaller hearts in the centre of a contrasting larger heart. Cut a length of white embroidery thread and separate half the strands (so, just use 3 of the 6 strands). Hold the heart in position or secure it with a few tacking stitches of sewing thread.

Use the embroidery thread to backstitch around the inside of the smaller heart, sewing through both layers of felt. Then use more half strands of thread to sew a pattern of single stitches around the edge of the heart, varying the size of your stitches to fill the available space.

Tip: smaller backstitches will help you sew a smoother curve. If you’re having difficulty sewing neatly freehand, use an air-erasable fabric marker to draw your stitching line(s).

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
Remove any tacking threads (if you’ve used them) then repeat this step to decorate the other two pairs of hearts.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
4. Use the templates provided to cut out one each of the following pieces: Heart A in red, Heart B in wisteria, Heart C in fuchsia, Heart D in cotton candy and Heart E in red. Arrange the heart shapes as shown.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
5. Hold all the layers together, or secure them with a few small tacking stitches of sewing thread in the centre. Use half strands of white embroidery thread to backstitch around the inside of the central heart, sewing through all the layers of felt. Remove the tacking stitches if you’ve used them.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
6. Decorate the rest of the layers with more white embroidery thread – alternating between backstitch and single radiating stitches, as shown.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
7. Use the Heart E template to cut a backing piece of red felt for the embroidered heart. Cut a 50cm length of the yarn you used to wrap the wreath. Thread a large, sharp needle with one end of yarn and tie a large knot in the other end. Then sew up the centre of the felt heart, as shown.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
8. Place the decorated large heart and the plain backing heart together, so the knot of the yarn is hidden between the layers. Hold or pin them together and join the edges with red sewing thread. I used blanket stitch for this because it creates a lovely neat edge, but you could use whip stitch if you prefer. Make sure the yarn end sticks straight up from the top of the heart as you sew around it, and finish your stitching neatly at the back.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
9. Use the Felt Strip template to cut out 4 pieces of cotton candy felt. Also use the template as a guide to cut 4 pieces of purple ricrac and 4 wider pieces of fuchsia felt. Layer the pieces, as shown.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
10. Use half strands of white embroidery thread to backstitch a straight line down the centre, sewing through all the layers. Repeat for all the ricrac and felt pieces, creating four decorated strips.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
11. Trim the fuchsia felt with pinking shears to create a decorative zigzag edging. If you don’t have any pinking shears, just trim the felt with ordinary sewing scissors to create a narrow border.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
12. Hang the large embroidered heart from the top of the wreath. Adjust the height of the heart until you’re happy with it and wait for the yarn to stop spinning so you can make sure the heart will hang straight. Once you’re happy with the position of the heart, knot the yarn securely and trim the excess yarn.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
13. Position the felt pieces around the top of the wreath, as shown, pinning each shape in place. This is also a good time to add a length of yarn for hanging the wreath, if needed (i.e. if you’re not planning to hang the wreath directly on a hook or nail).

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

14. Turn the wreath over and use a glue gun to secure the ends of the decorated strips to the back of the wreath. Work on one strip of felt at a time, removing one pin and folding the end of the strip back slightly. Carefully add a dab or two of hot glue to the wreath base then very carefully press the felt down into position. Then remove the pin from the other end of the strip and glue that in place. Repeat until you’ve removed all the pins and all four strips have been glued in position.

IMPORTANT: take care when working with the glue gun as the glue gets very hot! Always place it on a heat-proof mat when not in use, and use newspaper or other scrap paper to protect your workspace. Work slowly, squeezing the gun with care to control the amount of glue you’re using and keeping your fingers out of the way of the hot glue.
Tip: you may find it helpful to test glue a couple of scrap pieces of felt before you start, so you can see how much glue you need to use to hold each piece in place.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard
15. Once the glue has dried, turn the wreath over and begin gluing the four hearts in place. One by one, remove a pin and turn the heart over. Add two or three dabs of glue to the back of the heart then carefully press it back in position on the wreath.

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial by Laura Howard

To see all of the tutorials in our A Year of Wreaths series, click here.

Valentine's Heart Wreath tutorial by Laura Howard

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Caroline’s scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

Our shop produces an insane amount of micro scraps – those teensy strips we get from cutting a half metre of fabric into two fat quarters. There are loads of fun things you can do with them, and this is one of the best projects I’ve seen. Caroline’s Christmas wreath wowed you on Instagram, so she created a quick how-to for us for a heart shaped version you can make with a wire hanger!

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

You’ll need:

– Wire hanger
– Old towel
– Strips of scrap fabric
– A huge pile of tiny scraps – you can cut larger scraps into strips but they should be about 50cm long
– Wire cutters

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorialSteps:

1. Bend your hanger into a heart shape with the hook at the bottom. Cut off the hook with wire cutters.

2. Cut your towel into 2″ strips and sew them into a long strip. Wrap this strip around the hanger as evenly as possible.

3. Cover the towel with wider scraps of fabric until its nice and chubby.

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

4. Now start with the super skinny scraps, wrapping and layering them until you’re happy with the look. We love the scrappy look so don’t worry about it being too neat and tidy. We used mainly reds and pinks in keeping with the heart theme but all shades are allowed!

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

5. Have fun and don’t forget to tag #tvhhaul if you share your pics on Instagram!

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

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