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We’re on TripAdvisor! Leave us a review and help more people find us when they visit London

So a few weeks ago a customer came to see us at our West Hampstead shop to pick up some yarn for a project while she was visiting London. This happens a lot, and we LOVE it. Sometimes people see us because they know us from insta or get a recommendation from a friend and sometimes they just google for the closest fabric/yarn/craft shop and find us. But it always feels like a gift when you take time out of your holiday to pop into our shop.

ANYWAY, this customer loved the shop and promised to leave a good review on TripAdvisor. And it had never occurred to me to be on TripAdvisor! But we want more people to visit us when they travel, ALL the people, so I was all let’s get this set up, like, yesterday! And then it’s actually weirdly hard to get listed, but finally, we’re there.


So THE POINT IS, if you are already on TripAdvisor and you’ve been to our shop, we’d love it if you would leave us a review! And add photos if you took some because that’s extra fun. If you’re not on TripAdvisor, please don’t feel like you should sign up and do this to support us. If you don’t have a history on their site, your review might actually be flagged – a bunch of well-meaning and awesome customers signing up and posting reviews at the same time after reading this could look spammy – and I’d hate for you to waste your time. But if you’ve already been reviewing other businesses on TripAdvisor and now want to review us. Yep, great, please do!

Click this link to find us on TripAdvisor

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Act now if you want to keep receiving our emails!

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“), comes into effect May 25, 2018.

To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need to confirm that you would like to receive content from us.

We hope our newsletters are fun, inspiring…possibly even something you look forward to! And if that’s the case, please confirm you consent to us sending you our happy mail.

You can either click through the email we sent you to update your preferences, or click here. Thanks!

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Today is the last day to spend your Stash Points before they expire!

Today is the last day to spend your Stash Points before they expire!

Last reminder! Today is the last day to spend your Stash Points before they turn into little pumpkins at midnight. If you want to read more about why we’re ending our programme click here.

We’ve heard from a few of you that there are some issues logging in and spending your Stash Points. We are trying to work with each of you personally on your order, and as long as you contact us at [email protected] by end of day today, we’ll honour your Stash Points for your purchase so please don’t panic. And we’re really sorry if you’re experiencing any issues – we are working on them!

Thank you for your orders and for your patience as our small team of lovely humans works hard to get them shipped to you as quickly as possible!


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Our Stash Points rewards programme is ending – spend your Stash Points by 30 April

Important news today! We’ve decided to end our Stash Points rewards programme. Our customers mean everything to us, and we plan to find other ways to reward you for your loyalty, possibly a whole new scheme, in the future. However the application we’re currently using just isn’t a fit for our needs. The frustrating reality is that the programme is a huge administrative burden and the application causes technical issues on our website.

And so, here is what you need to know, right now! As of today, you’ll no longer earn Stash Points for purchases, or any of the other ways they’ve been awarded in the past.

And you’ll need to get shopping! All of the Stash Points you have in your account will expire on 30 April. We hope this gives you enough time to get an order in. We’ll be sharing the news in our newsletter tomorrow and on social media, so hopefully everyone out there will get this news in time!

Today we’re catching up on in store Stash Points so your account should be up to date by end of day. If you have any questions, feel like something’s missing, or just need help in any way, the best thing to do is contact us on [email protected]

Thank you for your understanding!

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Christmas opening hours and final Christmas order dates

Happy December! Christmas is just around the corner and we have some essential info for you for planning purposes.

First up, our shop schedule. Everything is normal, except:

Saturday, 23 December – Closing at 2pm
Sunday, 24 December – Friday, 29 December – Closed
Monday, 1 January – 11am – 5pm (Sunday hours)

Post schedule:

We are using Royal Mail’s published schedule as our guide. You can find it, along with detailed international shipping dates here.

*UK orders placed by 1pm on Tuesday, 19 December, will be sent using our normal Royal Mail First Class service and are expected to arrive by Christmas.

*Orders placed up to 1pm on Friday, 22 December can be send Special Delivery at your request. Please leave a message in the comments on your order and we’ll send a PayPal invoice for the difference in shipping costs. If you don’t request Special Delivery we’ll send your order First Class as usual.

*Our last post day for the shop is Friday, 22 December. Orders placed after about 1pm on the 22nd will begin shipping on Tuesday, 2 January, or can be collected from the shop from 30 December. Leave a comment on your order if you wish to collect.

*As always, we’ll do our best to communicate with you as quickly as possible about any issues that may slow your delivery.

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