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A virtual tour of our West Hampstead shop!

Recently we were approached by a cool startup called Virtually There, who do really incredible 3D tours of physical spaces. They needed a shop for their portfolio and offered to do a tour of our new West Hampstead shop for free. I was like, um, YESSSSS!

The result is really, really cool. They used 3D cameras to scan our shop and you can now virtually wander through, checking out our set up almost as if you’re really there! Plus click on the little tags around the shop to be taken right to our website for actual shopping. It will blow your mind!

Huge thanks to Virtually There for this tour!

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Easter weekend opening hours at our West Hampstead shop

Just a quick post today to let you know about our Easter weekend opening hours! Please take note if you’re planning to visit the shop – we’ll be closed on Easter Sunday and open our regular Sunday hours (11am – 5pm) on Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Friday, 14 April – 11am – 5pm

Saturday, 15 April – 11am – 5pm

Sunday, 16 April – Closed

Monday, 17 April – 11am – 5pm

I hope your plans involve lots of chocolate, marshmallow peeps, hot cross buns, coconut cakes and whatever else your family loves to celebrate with!


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Announcing Make Like a Boss! Networking for creative small businesses

I’m so excited to finally announce something I’ve been wanting to launch for months now! On Wednesday, 26 April, we’ll be kicking off a monthly networking series for creative small businesses called Make Like a Boss.

Make Like a Boss

Speaking from my own experience, if you run a small business there are always questions, challenges, new things to figure out and it’s often hard to know where to get advice. Getting out of your own head and hearing how other people are doing things –  whether it is a technical challenge or a branding-building one (or any number of things in between!) – can be extremely helpful. Plus sometimes it’s so nice to be able to complain about a bad day to someone else who really gets it.

I’m not physically alone in my work all day, because I own a shop and usually do my work there, but I know a lot of creative small business owners spend a lot of the day alone. Social media is really helpful for interaction and for fostering community, but meeting face to face can be so energising and inspiring! A couple of times a year I (try to) go to Quilt Market in the States on a buying trip and I love getting a chance to talk about work with the friends I’ve made there. I wondered why I hadn’t done a better job of building a network of people like that here. Which brings me back to…Make Like a Boss!

We have a big new space in West Hampstead that is super easy to get to, and we want to get you here to meet, chat, learn, share, moan and hopefully come away with some new contacts and ideas. The format of each event will be a short Q&A with business owner followed by time for you to hang out and chat. Wine and snacks will be provided!

Our first event on 26 April will feature Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line! The Fold Line is an online hub for the sewing community to socialise, review dressmaking patterns and keep up-to-date with the latest news and sewing pattern releases. Since launching in late 2015, the site has grown like crazy and the team have won a Mollie Makes Handmade Award and a British Craft Award for their contribution to the industry. We’ll be talking to Rachel and Kate about the challenges of launching a website, the thrill of seeing those user numbers grow and making the leap to running the website full time.

If you aren’t in the London area or can’t make it to the event, we’ll be streaming the interview on Facebook Live and posting it here on The Daily Stitch after the event. We’ve also created a Facebook Group to provide you with an ongoing way to share advice, ideas and inspiration.

Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line

Here are the quick facts of the first event:

Date: Wednesday, 26 April
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: The Village Haberdashery
Guest: Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line
Cost: Free
RSVP: Via Eventbrite, via our website or to [email protected]

If you have any questions you’d like us to ask Rachel and Kate, or business owners you want us to interview in the future, please let us know!

Plus, here are a few topics we want to chat about soon so if you feel like a boss in one of these areas, or know someone who is, please nominate them to speak at an upcoming event: hiring, delegating and working with employees; creating a video marketing strategy; designing and manufacturing physical products.

Want email updates about Make Like a Boss events? S

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Reminder! This weekend is our grand opening celebration!

Reminder! This weekend is our grand opening celebration!

This weekend is THE weekend! We hope you’ll join us for our Grand Opening celebration this Saturday and Sunday. We have so much fun stuff planned for you!

We moved to West Hampstead Square

We are so thrilled with our new space and the positive feedback from our customers has been so overwhelming!

we moved to West Hampstead Square

The first 25 customers each day will get goody bags! We’ll be filling up our new totes with loads of fun things, plus all day customers will be able to enter to win door prizes! Awesome contributions have been coming in from many of our favourite suppliers, including Mollie MakesAndover, Soak, Cotton + Steel, Cloud9, Stitch & Story, Colette Patterns, Rico, Dashwood Studio, Art Gallery Fabrics, BerisfordsTombow, Buttonbag, Toft, Aurifil, Janome and more!

Make Something Amazing Tote Bag

Hope to see you there!

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Getting excited about our new sewing studio!

If you’ve been following the progress of our shop fit out at our new West Hampstead Square premises, you know how excited we are about our new studio! Our class studio is spacious and inspiring and filled with natural light. And when classes aren’t in session we would love it if you would come in and sew!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The new studio in progress!

Our sewing studio is available to hire for £8 per hour per person. The use of our Janome sewing machines and overlockers and all of our sewing tools (scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, pins, etc.) are included in your hourly fee. You are also welcome to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and help yourself to our biscuit tin when you’re sewing. You can book studio time and read all about our terms here.

To encourage you to try out our studio, we have a few fun new ways to save!

First, our new Prepaid Studio Punch Card. You can purchase one online here or on the shop. Buy four hours and get two hours free!

Prepaid Studio Punch Card

Not ready to commit? You can still earn free studio time! Just pick up a punch card in the shop on your next visit. Once you’ve paid for five hours of studio time you’ll get one hour free.

The Village Haberdashery studio punch card

Finally, we’ll be giving out two free hours of studio time to new customers when they sign up for an account in the shop! Just pop in to our West Hampstead shop to find out more.

Two free hours studio time at The Village HaberdasheryFor those of you who want to work on your own projects in the studio but need a little help, we’re also planning to launch guided studio time in the near future. This will be scheduled blocks of time when one of our talented teachers is on hand for advice and guidance while you work on your own projects. Plus, once we re-launch our knit night on Thursday evenings, we’ll be offering half price sewing studio time too! We’ll tell you more about all of this when we kick off these programmes.

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An update on our new shop

We are so close to being ready to open our new shop and I wanted to share some of the latest snaps! At this very moment the shop is being cleaned so while these photos are not styled and are literally gritty, they are a true peek inside the progress so you can feel like you’re right here with me! If you need to catch up, you can catch up here, herehere, here and here.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

As soon as Ballymore finish the lobby and square and make it safe and accessible for customers, we’ll be able to move in!

Here is a before and during comparison. This is the shop on Friday night:

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Here is the extreme before shot (just after they’d ripped the temporary offices out of our unit – not a true before because it was a little less messy when we got our hands on it):

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

And here is what it looked like when we started work:

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

It’s come so far! So here is what we’ve done the past couple of weeks. Now that the bones are pretty much in, it’s lots of decorating and putting displays in place.

Let’s start in the studio. We chose cheerful green subway tile for the back wall.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

I think it looks so good!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

This is our cutting table. It’s made up of Ikea cabinets and a reclaimed wood worktop. It is huge!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Here are the worktops stained, with the first lights hung. Nearly there!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Our beautiful Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper was hung and it’s so cheerful. I’m telling you, this is going to be such a happy place to sew and work.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Despite the absolutely heroic efforts of our decorator, the cork wall did not turn out exactly as envisaged. Cork is fragile and rips, the adhesive is like chocolate and marks up everything, and the surface area is so massive, it was impossible to create seamless coverage. So we plan to paint this white and I’m hoping it will turn out awesome. Functionally, it does the job. So if we can get it to look a little smarter, it will be the coolest display space and design wall!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Brass hardware was installed. There is gold in our wallpaper so it all works really well together, I think.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

I love how the brass kitchen tap looks with the green tile!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The bathroom came a long way last week. So many things about this bathroom have been a struggle, from getting the fan in to making sure we’re following the codes, to making sure the walls are strong enough to support the things we need to put on them. It’s sooooo unglamorous and I won’t get into it all! But the good news is I think we’re nearly there and our bathroom is, while not perfect, it is pink!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

And there is a baby change! This colour is more accurate but there wasn’t actually a light

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Our team from Morris and Sutcliffe and built and assembled some of the displays. This apple crate wall is going to be where we put our yarn!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

These scaffolding shelves will hold our fabric!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

This pegboard-covered corner in the front of the shop is going to house so many craft supplies!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

This ladder display will hold all the gift wrap!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

These galvanised steel bars were installed over the windows to give us a way to hang displays!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

And our furniture has arrived! A lot of these are antiques and stunners! Here I am in the mirror we bought from Louisa Grace. I don’t have pictures of everything yet because some of needs to be assembled or put in place for photos.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

This is our new 8ft long sewing table for the studio!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

And just last night, they put up our sign on the hoarding. Yay!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

As always, you can follow our progress day to day on Instagram with the hashtag #tvhatwhs.

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Important update on our opening dates and a peek at our new shop progress!

We know many of you have been planning to join us next weekend for our big opening weekend at our new West Hampstead Square shop and it is a huge disappointment that we must postpone again.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Our contractors worked so hard on our fit out prior to Christmas and made some amazing and really exciting progress – the floors are in! the sign is up! our studio cabinets have been installed! But we were delayed getting started and haven’t been given as much access to the space over the Christmas period as we’d expected, and as a result our fit out is behind schedule. Furthermore, public areas that need to be completed before our lovely customers can safely enter the space are not yet finished.

We expect that we will have new opening dates for you soon and that we will be open at West Hampstead Square before the end of January. But, unfortunately, we can’t put a new date on the calendar just yet. However we wanted to share an update so you can adjust your plans for next weekend. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. As soon as we have a new moving date you’ll be the first to know!

Now, would you like to see what we’ve been up to?

Days start super early on the building site. Here I am at 7am going in on our first day. Excited! Now when I’m there I’m kitted out in a high vis vest, a hard hat and clunky steel toe shoes.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

This is what our space looked like on the first morning. It wasn’t exactly ready for handover, but I was happy we were able to finally get our hands on it.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Our design for the space is mostly open plan, with a partial wall between the shop and studio so that customers can peep in and see what’s happening, but students aren’t totally on display. There are also walls around a small storage closet and the bathroom (obviously!) plus a wall along the back wall to support our fabric shelves. It was cool to see these walls put up. It happened so fast! Our team used plywood so we could drill things into the walls (shelves, displays, etc.) more easily.

Here is the latest model of the space. The furniture plan changes daily but it will give you an idea of what we’re trying to achieve as you look at the next batch of photos!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

These are just a random bunch of progress shots of the walls going in. Here are the bathroom and storage closet walls at two stages of progress.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The partition wall in progress.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The back wall.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

You can also see that the floors are going in at the same time. The first couple of days were crazy, because our electrician and plumber were running wires and pipes under the floors while the builders were laying down the plywood base for our flooring. So much was happening at once! I basically have no photos of the final floors that aren’t a crazy mess, for some reason. But this gives you the idea. The floors are beautiful! Really rustic engineered oak that balances out the industrial vibes of the exposed concrete ceiling.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

For my part, I spent a lot of time trying to get our deliveries (getting deliveries to a building site with an address that doesn’t show up on anyone’s satnav is a special kind of torture), building Ikea cabinets for the studio and making runs down to Builder Depot for additional supplies.

Here is a shot of the studio in total chaos while I’m in the middle of building cabinets. It has come a long way since this photo but I don’t have a great shot to share yet! The black cabinets make up the cutting table/island and will give us loads of workspace and storage. The white cabinets make up the back wall/kitchen area, which also will have more cutting space and lots more storage. The studio feels absolutely massive!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Lovely Charlotte stopped by to help build cabinets on the first day!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

I absolutely love our till area. We’ve made our new till out of Ikea kitchen cabinets too, like the one we have now, but we customised it by covering it with painted cladding and setting in antique tiles around the counter. This isn’t finished (note the tile isn’t grouted yet in this picture) but I think this looks so good! Plus, the cladding makes for an awesome picture background (see Caroline’s wreath post here.)

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

We used reclaimed brick tiles to create the look of an exposed brick wall on the side of the elevator shaft that bumps out into the shop. The till will sit in front of this area so it makes a statement when you walk into the shop. The gap where there are no bricks is where the back till counter will sit (we’ll be moving our existing counter there at the last minute) and we’ll also have a front counter. Two counters! So much cutting can be done at once! It was really cool to see this come together.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

We had a sign hand-painted by Matt of MJO Signwriting. For perspective, this sign is about a metre wide. This sign is painted onto reclaimed scaffold boards and has been given the ‘weathered’ treatment to make it feel old and vintage. One of the things I’ll miss the most when we move is the beautiful hand-painted windows in our Mill Lane shop and this sign is our way of incorporating a similar vibe into our first floor space.

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

Watch this space for more updates or follow our posts about the move at #tvhatwhs and feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Opening hours update! Christmas and moving closures

Suddenly, it’s nearly Christmas! We have a few schedule changes coming up we want to make you aware of if you’re thinking of visiting our West Hampstead shop at the end of December or beginning of January because the holidays bump up against our big move! If you place an online order during one of our closed periods, we’ll do our best to get it in the post on our next open day.


December 2016

Friday, 23 December – 10am – 1pm (closing early)
Saturday, 24 December – CLOSED
Sunday, 25 December – CLOSED
Monday, 26 December – CLOSED
Tuesday, 27 December – 10am – 5pm
Wednesday, 28 December – 10am – 5pm
Thursday, 29 December – 10am – 5pm
Friday, 30 December – 10am – 5pm
Saturday, 31 December – 10am – 5pm

January 2017

Sunday, 1 January 2016 – CLOSED
Monday, 2 January 2016 – 10am – 5pm (Royal Mail closed)
Tuesday, 3 January 2016 – 10am – 5pm
Wednesday, 4 January 2016 – CLOSED
Thursday, 5 January 2016 – CLOSED
Friday, 6 January 2016 – CLOSED

Saturday, 7 January, and Sunday, 8 January is the big opening weekend in our new shop! We really hope you’ll join us and see what we’ve been planning for literally years! Once we get closer to the dates, we’ll post our new, extended opening hours for the new shop.


Another reminder, too, that we have some really fun things planned for the kiddos before Christmas! There are still spots available to meet Santa and you can sign up here or book the kid’s classes here.

Christmas events for kids at The Village Haberdashery

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The latest on our new shop!

As anyone who follows us on social media will know, our move date has been pushed (again) and we are scheduled to start our fit out on 12 December. That means, we’ve rescheduled our Grand Opening Weekend for 7 & 8 January 2017! I hope you’re still with us and saving these new dates, because we have so much fun stuff planned for you!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

I wanted to check back in with an update from the site because there has been a lot of progress in the last month. For those of you playing catch up read our last post and the post before that, plus our announcements late last year that we secured a glorious new space for our shop ran an exciting and successful crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the expansion.

There is a lot of activity going on in there!


The most exciting thing is watching the square itself come together. These are pictures over the past two weeks showing the progress of paving the square.





The pavement outside the square is also getting a makeover.



And we got trees!



The floors above us got their balconies.


This balcony is over our studio, which will give us some shade on our only south facing window without blocking too much of our amazing light.


And here is a look at the upstairs lobby, which is what you’ll see after you come up the stairs or lift before crossing over into our building.


That’s all for now ! Make sure to follow us on instagram and check the hashtag #tvhatwhs for photos of our progress.

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A NEW SAVE THE DATE for our opening weekend at West Hampstead Square plus some pics

We have a new date for our grand opening weekend so please update your calendars for the 7 & 8 January 2017! We are planning such a fun weekend for you, with prizes, goody bags, bubbly and more!


Despite more delays, there has been some very noticeable progress on the building site over the past two weeks. Trees have been planted! Trees don’t look their best in the dead of winter, but these will be lovely in the spring.


Hopefully they won’t block all our soon-to-exist beautiful window displays, though!


The square is still very much a construction site.


But concrete is being poured!


Here is a closer look. Behind those white brick pillars is where you’ll enter the new M&S, which will now be opening in February.


So…that is where we are. Thank you for rolling with us as the timeline changes yet again!



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