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A close up on our Christmas Morning vignette!

It’s Christmas!!!

Kym here and I am so excited to share the details of our third Christmas display this year! We have gone all traditional with red, green, gold and blue colours. Our two children are dressed in their Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Morning with their stockings by the Christmas tree.

Christmas Morning Vignette

Our littlest is wearing her ‘Knitted by Nana’ Christmas Jumper! Nana has stitched it up in Rico Essentials Merino DK yarn in Red and natural. Isn’t it adorable!

Christmas Morning vignette

The pattern is a vintage find from (you can find it here). I just love the snowflake detail! (A big big thanks to my Nana London for this!)

Christmas Morning vignette

Our little one is wearing her Christmas Jumper over her Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas in Santa Express – Main in White by Doodlebug Design (Riley Blake).

Christmas Morning vignette

Our little girl’s big brother is also wearing his Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas!

Christmas Morning vignette

Fabric here is Nutcracker Christmas – Nutcracker Minis in Green by Riley Blake Designers. So sweet!

Christmas Morning vignette

We chose to add a contrast lapel, cuff and pocket facing with a little Kona Cotton Solids – Lipstick. I had great fun with the pattern matching on the pocket!

Christmas Morning vignette

Instead of buttons we have gone for Kam Snaps. These are super easy to attach and nice and easy for kids to use too.

Christmas Morning vignette

Their stockings made by @needlesandlemons are all ready for Father Christmas!

Christmas Morning vignette

Our lovely friend Sara has made us this totally amazing tree skirt!

Christmas Morning vignette

It is so clever how it looks like presents under the tree! Fabrics are from the Nutcracker Act 1 collection by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller mixed with Kona Cotton Solid – Basil and some sparkly Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic.

Christmas Morning vignette

Sara’s detail in gold embroidery thread is stunning!

Christmas Morning vignette

On the back is Mini Candy Cane Stripe in Red from the Studio Christmas collection by Michael Miller for an extra festive finish.

Our lovely tree was kindly donated to us by Pines and Needles and we totally love how Christmasy it makes the shop look! We have a lovely selection of hand made decorations hanging on its branches including these exquisite ones by Laura Howard. You can find a tutorial for these ones here!

We have also used Laura Howard’s pinwheel tutorial as inspiration for our wool felt tree topper with the addition of some felt balls… such fun!

No tree would be complete without some presents! We have wrapped ours in our Classical Christmas wrapping paper. Find all of our gift wrap supplies here and check out our blog post by Gift Wrap Guru Jane Means here for more inspiration and ideas!

We hope you have enjoyed reading all about our Christmas Morning vignette as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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Gift wrapping inspiration and 14 top tips with Gift Wrap Guru Jane Means

When it comes to gift wrapping your Christmas presents, you can wait until the last minute and let it stress you out or you can make it a fun event, with Christmas treats, mulled wine and lots of creativity! We have loads of supplies for wrapping beautiful gifts, including pretty gift wrap and plenty of DIY supplies for decorating your packages.

If you’re local, we also have a fun gift wrap and cardmaking workshop for kids next Wednesday morning – find out more about that and sign up here!

Gift Wrap and DIY Supplies

For gift wrapping tips and inspiration this year, we turned to award-winning British ribbon designer and gift wrapping specialist Jane Means, who has wrapped a gift for the Queen and various celebrities! Who better to give us some top tips this Christmas for wrapping up all those presents? Take it away Jane…

Jane Means

1. Ensure you stock up well on materials early as you always need more paper and ribbon than you think and will face last minute gifts.

2. Double sided tape will give a professional finish. If you are using sticky tape, try and use minimal amounts and aim to place it where you would tie your ribbon so you don’t see it.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

3. It’s a good idea to buy plenty of non festive paper such as dots or stripes which can easily be accessorised for Christmas.

4. Accessorise your wrapping with embellishments. You can use recycled baubles, inexpensive brooches from flea markets for a glamorous look.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

5. Always remember to measure twice and cut once. Not only will it make the wrapping process easier but you will have less waste.

6. When wrapping a box, just measure a small overlap and the sides shouldn’t be any higher than the box. Any rough edges should be folded under.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

7. For awkward shapes go for flexible wrapping such as tissue, cellophane or netting.

8. For extra large items use a paper tablecloth or a large piece of fabric, place the item in to the centre and gather. Secure with ribbon.

9. For a rustic and inexpensive looks, head out for a country walk and sticks, cones and foliage. These look really stylish and are perfect for a nature lover. Large Ivy leaves can also be used as natural Gift tags (just use a metallic gel pen).

10. If you are running short of festive wrap, you can wrap a gift in plain brown paper and add a strip of Christmas decorative paper. Tie and ribbon bow over the strip and it looks like a creative masterpiece.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

11. To really impress the recipient you could personalise their gift so if they are a wine buff, you could tie in a champagne cork and if they are a DIY addict you could thread on some bolts onto the Ribbon.

12. Ensure you write your gift tags first and place them on the gifts so you don’t forget which present is for whom!

13. For eager children who have a habit of opening gifts early, avoid adding a gift tag and use a particular colour paper for each child.

14. If you have something impossible to wrap, hide it in the house or shed and introduce a treasure hunt with clues along the way

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means


Find all our gift wrapping supplies here.

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9 DIY ideas for decorating your Christmas Tree in handmade style!

We have so many super fun kits and crafty bits and bobs that would be ideal to help you create that perfect handmade Christmas. Here is a quick round up of some Christmas Tree decoration ideas!

These Tapestry Kits by Stitch Me contain everything you need to make some amazing tree decorations. With lots of designs to choose from they are bound to put a smile on your face.

Tapestry kits christmas decorations

Simply tie some embroidery thread to the top of these cute felt motifs to create instant decorations! Or why not grab some wool felt and cut out your own shapes.

Felt motifs christmas

Buttonbag have created some lovely kits for kids to make up some sweet decorations that can be cherished for years to come! There is a cross stitch reindeer, heart, tree and snowflake as well as felt star, stocking, dove and pudding kits to stitch up.

Buttonbag mini cross stitch Christmas decoration kits

We also have some slightly more detailed felt ornament kits. Here we have a snow globe, baubles and mittens to choose from. They are so cute!

Felt Snowglobe

Right here on The Daily Stitch we have an awesome tutorial to make these vintage-style felt baubles by Laura Howard!

Felt Baubles by Laura Howard

The Make Arcade mini cross stitch kits would make the perfect addition to any Christmas Tree! They have some super cute festive designs.

Mini cross stitch kit christmas

Sew together some felt balls using invisible thread and add some ribbon to make some fun custom-made designs.

Felt ball decoration by Kym Armstrong

Or if you want to keep it super super simple, grab a selection of trims (pompom trim works as a great alternative to tinsel!), buttons, raffia, or even these cute wooden bobbins, and attach to the tree branches with some thread or by tying bows.

There are still some spaces left on our Hand-Sew Christmas Ornaments class with Caroline too. Find out more and sign up here!

Felt ornament sewing class

We hope you have a great time decorating your tree! Tag your festive makes with #thevillagehaberdashery we love to see what you all create!

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DIY Christmas cards with Laura Howard, part two

The super talented Laura Howard has been busy crafting up some really cute Christmas card designs for you all to get creating. We love how many possibilities there are with card, washi tape and stamps! 

This is part two of her inspirational tutorials. You can find part one here. Take it away Laura!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
Today I’m sharing more ideas for making Christmas cards using this gorgeous festive paper pad. The coordinating sheets of paper and card work so well together, and the gold foil details are just fabulous!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
I also used some lovely rubber stamps, washi tape from the same range, shiny gold tape

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
… and this set of ink pads which includes fab metallic ink.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
I also some large blank cards in Christmas colours and these small blank cards in tropical colours.

Follow the links to find the exact products I used, or click here to see the full range of paper crafting supplies available in the Village Haberdashery’s online shop. Click here for the PDF template sheet that accompanies these projects.

Simple words cut from patterned paper look great! I opted for a large JOY but you could cut out smaller letters to spell words like XMAS or MERRY or YULE. Draw your own letter templates (you’ll find the templates for JOY on the PDF template sheet), print out large letters from your favourite font or use alphabet stickers.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

To cut out the letters, turn the paper over and place the template face down on the back. Trace the shape with a pencil then cut it out and turn the paper over to reveal the finished letter.
For this card I just added a single strip of gold tape to “support” the lettering.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

For this design I created a background with overlapping paper and tape, positioning the lettering in the centre of the card.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

Christmas Trees
For these cards, use the Christmas tree templates provided to cut out lots of tree shapes then use them as the focal feature your designs. There are three different templates to choose from: simple trees, mini trees for small cards, and fancy trees.
The minimal shape of the simple tree means you can go bold with the patterns:
DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
Instead of using a blank card for this design, I used half a sheet of card from the paper pack – cutting it then folding it in half, and pairing it with a brown kraft paper envelope. I used the tree template to cut out a patterned green tree then glued it to a piece of white paper. I then carefully cut around the tree, leaving a border of white to frame it and help it stand out from the background pattern, and then stuck it to the card.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
For this card I used two of the small stamps and the white ink pad to print a pattern on the blank card – the white ink stands out really well against the red! Then I added the tree shape and a handwritten “Merry Christmas” on a small strip of white paper.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
To make the stripy tree, I cut out a tree shape from white card and covered it in washi tape stripes. I used gold tape for the tree’s trunk then used the coordinating patterned tapes to cover the tree. I then cut a piece of brown paper as a simple frame for the design and positioned the tree leaving space to write “Merry Christmas” underneath.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!
For small Christmas tree cards, use the mini tree template provided. These are so quick and easy to make! I decorated one card with a stamp and silver ink, one with three strips of washi tape, and made the third from a sheet of patterned card from the paper pad.
DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

The fancy tree shape is a little more time consuming to cut out, but it’s totally worth it!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

The first card shows off the tree’s shape, with a simple bit of paper to frame it – I chose a pale pink to make the dark tree really stand out. You could add a festive message at the bottom of the card, but I quite like the design as it is.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

This is another simple design: I used four pieces of washi tape to make a frame, added a small piece of gold tape to the tree’s trunk then stuck the tree in the centre of the card.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

You need a bit of patience to make this stripy card but the end result has a lot of wow factor. Decorate a white card with stripes of the Christmas washi tape designs, leaving a small gap between the tape. Start in one corner and work your way across the card, trimming the excess tape as you go. Glue one of the fancy tree shapes to a piece of white paper or card and cut it out, leaving a narrow white border to frame the tree. Then glue the tree to the centre of the card.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

Finally, instead of Christmas trees how about topping your cards with a bauble? I’ve kept my baubles pretty simple but you could decorate yours however you like! (This would be another great way to use up crafty scraps!)

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

For this design I used the fir branch stamp to decorate the blank card, placing the card on some scrap paper so I could stamp over the edges without making a mess. I wrote “Merry Christmas” on a bit of white card and cut it out, then cut out a bauble from patterned paper and added a bit of gold washi tape for the bauble cap. Finally I framed both the bauble and the text with contrasting rectangles of paper then stuck them in place on the card.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

I did more stamping for this card, covering a piece of brown paper with gold acorns. I layered this over two strips of gold washi tape to create the background for my bauble. Instead of adding tape to the bauble cap, this time I added a decorative stripe across the middle of the bauble. I cut a small bit of ribbon and tore a piece of washi tape to attach the ribbon near the top of the card, then glued the bauble on top – holding the ribbon firmly in position, and making the bauble look as if it’s hanging from it.
If you’d like your bauble to actually hang from the card make the bauble from patterned card, punch a hole in the cap then thread it with a piece of yarn, baker’s twine or embroidery thread.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

I decorated my final card with a symmetrical design of stripes (like the fancy Christmas tree card earlier) – I just can’t get enough of those lovely washi tapes! I decorated the bauble with a bit of gold washi tape on the cap, and a patterned strip of tape across the middle then glued it to a piece of white card. I then cut the bauble out again, leaving a border of white around the shape, and stuck it in position on the card.
Tip: if you’re doing vertical stripes like this, start in the centre and work outwards. I started at one side and ended up with a slightly lopsided pattern!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Tape by Laura Howard!

Thanks Laura! We are all super inspired to make all of our own cards this year now! Happy crafting guys!

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The ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for makers! 10 ideas to inspire creativity

Welcome to the second post in our series of Christmas Gift Guides! Today we are sharing some ideas for gifts for all the knitters, sewists, felters, weavers and makers out there! Use it as a guide for giving to the makers in your life…or just go ahead and send a link to this post to your friends and family to make sure you get something you’ll love!

The Village Haberdashery Christmas Gift Guide

Anyone who works with yarn or fabrics will love to receive some Soak modern laundry care products this Christmas! Soak Flatter is a starch-free smoothing spray that relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics, leaving it sleek, soft and static-free. Soak Wash is the no-rinse cleanser you can trust for garments and blankets you’ve handmade with love. Both come in a selection of lush flavours like yuzu and pineapple! Find them in the shop here.

Soak Laundry Care

Who wouldn’t want to open up a cute Toft Animal kit on Christmas morning?! We have a great selection of their amigurumi crochet toys designed by Kerry Lord. These animal designs are crocheted in luxury super soft DK weight 100% British wool yarn. This kit attracts all ages and makes a perfect gift for children and adults alike. The animals and creatures are addictive and people are easily ‘hooked’!

Toft Crochet Kits

For more crochet fun we also have these Hipster Tie Kits. They come in a selection of great colours and are suitable for all levels.

Crochet Tie Kits

Whatever you’re interested in, we have a hand-picked selection of lovely craft books available! After the gifts have been opened, there is nothing nicer than settling in with an inspiring new book to flip through! Browse them all here.


For the felters out there we have these sweet felting kits by Gretel Parker! We love the slinky dinky fox and the darling ballerina mouse!

Needle Felting kits

Anyone mentioned that they would like to learn something new…? Weaving is a super fun (and super easy to learn). Get them started with our Pop-up looms. Paired with a Weaving supply pack they will have everything they need to learn a new craft!


Has anyone mentioned that they would like to learn something new…? Weaving is a super fun (and super easy to learn) and you can get started with our pop-up looms. Paired with a weaving supply pack they will have everything they need to learn a new craft! Find it all in our weaving section here.

Hannah Bass

Beautifully designed knitting notions from Coco Knits are such a treat to give and receive! We have a great selection of stitch markers, including the new precious metals set, and the lovely yarn snips.

Coco knits

The kits by both Stitch and Story and Loopy Mango were made for gifting! All are suitable for beginners on up and the designs are great! Plus, if you want to swap the colour yarn in your kit just let us know and we can usually make it happen.

Loopy Mango

Also check out the Stitch and Story Sophie La Giraffe kits if you are shopping for grandparents or mums with little ones.

Sophie La Giraffe

Any quilter would be thrilled to receive one our beautiful quilting patterns from designers like Alison Glass and Elizabeth Hartman! You can find a variety of designs in the shop here.

Quilting Patterns

We have a sample sale of some of our past display items! Pop into our West Hampstead store to see if you can find anything for your Christmas shopping!

Sample Sale at The Village Haberdashery

If you are still unsure what to buy, we have Gift Cards which can be spent on anything in store and classes! We also have fabric club subscriptions available that are perfect for quilters.

Colour of the Month

Happy Christmas shopping! Keep an eye out for the final part of our Christmas Gift Guide (stocking fillers!) coming soon!




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