A bolt of 100% linen just arrived in the shop. I’m so used to sewing with linen blends I forgot how gorgeous proper linen is! This is yarn-dyed Waterford Linen from Robert Kaufman and it’s really quite silky and has a lovely hand and drape.

The project I thought of immediately was the Thanksgiving linen napkins from the Purl Bee. Gorgeous, no? I love the Purl Bee.

Credit: The Purl Bee

And since it’s not Thanksgiving, but it is nearly Easter, it’s still a brilliant time to whip up some homemade napkins. The tutorial is top notch, as always. A great version of this project is Ashley’s from Film in the Fridge. She added a little bit of hand stitching!

We have an fun little Easter Egg bundle of Konas in the shop if you’re looking for colour inspiration


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