An update to our class booking policy

An update to our class booking policy

Based on feedback from our customers, we have decided to make a major change to our class booking policy and wanted to share this news with you! We hope the new policy will be more flexible for our customers and more fair for everyone.

Charlotte Newland Teaching at The Village Haberdashery

Just a bit of background first. Despite having a published ‘no refunds or transfers policy’ we find ourselves regularly trying to accomodate our students’ requests to reschedule because we feel really bad saying no. Our classes require a great deal of pre-planning, including ordering supplies and tools, booking staff, and making commitments to pay our instructors. When students ask to cancel or reschedule, we lose money. As a small business, it is extremely difficult for us to absorb these costs. Plus, when we try to reschedule a customer, the admin costs go up too.

We know life is complicated and things come up, so from today, if you contact us more than 14 days before your class date and request to cancel, we will gladly issue you a store credit, no questions asked. However, after the 14 day cut-off your booking will be final and no refunds or transfers will be given, under any circumstances. This will allow us to plan more accurately and also give you some much-needed wiggle room. To be fair to all of our customers, we must apply this policy to all requests, even in cases of illness, travel, or family emergency. If you find you can no longer attend a class after the cut-off date, we suggest you give your place to a friend!

While we’ve got you here, we also wanted to talk to you about one more thing: our use of third party booking sites. We value our relationships with the third party sites where we list our classes, because they help lovely new customers find us. But the cost to us is a 20% commission. We sincerely hope that after you’ve discovered us, you’ll book future classes directly with us. Apart from supporting our business, there are a couple of benefits for you! First, you earn Stash Points on your booking fee that you can spend in the shop. Second, if you book your next class while you are attending a class you can use your 10% student discount.

If you have any questions about our new policy or our use of third-party booking sites, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support!

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How to fill an Easter basket

Easter is not a religious holiday for me, but growing up (in Seattle) it was a HUGE family holiday packed with traditions because my mom came from a big family. I’ve tried to share some of those traditions with my own family, but it hasn’t always been easy. My first year here I wanted to do an Easter basket for my stepdaughter, and I couldn’t find the right kind of basket ANYWHERE. My mom always had to send me Easter egg dye. And there aren’t any massive Easter egg hunts (that I could find) around here that are anything like what my family did every year. Guys. I still can’t find Peeps in this country.

This year, I’m actually going to come pretty close to carrying on a lot of those traditions and I’m super excited to share them with you! The first thing I thought I’d show you is how to fill an Easter basket. When we woke up on Easter, we’d get to search the house for the Easter basket my mom had hidden for each of us. I’ve pulled a few supplies together in the shop to help you make Easter baskets for your kids/partners/friends with a fun, sparkly spin. Here’s how it goes down!

How to fill an Easter basket

1. Get a basket. A long handle is essential for a classic Easter basket. The handles on ours fold down which will help with storage later. Your kid’s first Easter basket can last them their whole life!

How to fill an Easter basket

2. Fill it with Easter grass. In the shop, we have fun metallic plastic ‘grass’ in four colours. I used the turquoise here.

How to fill an Easter basket

3. Take a few plastic eggs and fill them with treats. They don’t all have to be sweets – little toys, paper punches, washi tape, etc. work well too. We have gold eggs in the shop because I’d never seen them before and they are so cool!

How to fill an Easter basket

How to fill an Easter basket

How to fill an Easter basket

4. Add chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny (if you’re in America) or a giant chocolate egg (if you’re here). Basically, add chocolate.

How to fill an Easter basket

How to fill an Easter basket

5. Toss in some fluffy chicks. Optional, but so cute!

How to fill an Easter basket

6. Add a couple of small, non-sweet gifts. Ideally something to help entertain over the rest of the long weekend/school holiday. Here we added stickers and a mini cross stitch kit. My mom often put a paperback book in mine.

How to fill an Easter basket

7. Now hide the basket and make your loved one find it, playing the ‘you’re getting warmer…you’re getting colder…you’re getting warmer…you’re HOT!’ game. Revel in how cute and creative you are. Eat chocolate. Done!

You can find all of the supplies we used here (except the chocolates) in our Easter crafts section!

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New in stock at The Village Haberdashery

The content of this post is similar to the newsletter we sent this morning! If you’d like updates delivered to your inbox each week, pop your email in the box on the right or sign up here!

Washable paper

We discovered Rico’s new washable paper at a trade show recently and went crazy for it! The samples (which you can see in these pics) looked really cool. The paper is tear- and water-resistant and is machine washable up to 40 °C. It softens in the wash and comes out looking sort of like a leathery fabric that you can then sew with a sewing machine, glue with craft or hot glue, paint or dye with textile paint and more!

Rico Washable Paper

We have the paper in three colours – gold, rose gold and silver – and it’s sold by the roll. We seriously can’t wait to see what you do with this stuff! Find our washable paper here.

Rico Washable Paper

Plant lady stamp & ink sets

Our Plant Lady section has had some new arrivals! We have three fun new stamp & ink sets that feature cacti, tropical plants and florals that will be so fun to use in your craft projects! They pair really well with our our new kraft paper card and envelope sets, our kraft gift wrap and our tag and twine sets! Find these and more plant lady-friendly products in the shop here.

Rico Hygge Plant Lady Stamp and Ink Sets

Rico Hygge Plant Lady Stamps and Ink Sets

Animal embroidery pennant kits

We have a new embroidery pennant kit! This one features adorable animals – a fox, a raccoon and a bear. It’s so perfect for a baby or child’s room. Everything you need is included and it’s super beginner friendly. Find the animal pennant kit here and more ideas for crafty room decor here.

Rico Animal Embroidery Pennant Kit

Decoupage paper

We are expanding our decoupage section with fun new papers and paper mache shapes! Our hand-picked selection of papers has started to arrive and includes lots of fun themes, like unicorns, cacti, metallics, marbled and more! Find all of our decoupage supplies here.

Decoupage paper and supplies

Make a macrame wall hanging with Zoe Bateman

We are so excited that Zoe Bateman of @toocutetoquit will be teaching macrame at our shop! Macrame is a form of textile-making that uses knots rather than weaving or knitting. In this class you’ll learn macrame basics, including how to get started, the three most common macrame knots that are the basis for most macrame designs, how to use knots to create a pattern and how to customise or design your own pattern for future projects. You’ll leave class with a beautiful wall-hanging and an addictive new hobby! The next class is Monday evening and you can sign up here.

Learn to make a macrame wall hanging


We have so many new products – and we want to give you an excuse to try something new! So take 10% off everything in the shop with code TRYNEW. Offer ends 20 March. As always, Janome sewing machines are excluded from this offer.

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March Baby Quilt Club reveal

This month we have gone for a lovely spring garden theme for our Baby Quilt Club member’s bundles. The super lovely Garden Sanctuary collection by Rae Ritchie was our starting point and we have added a few other favourites as well as our selection of Kona Cotton Solids (which also look amazing on their own as a scheme) to create this pretty floral bundle. Also… how sweet are those little hedgehogs!

We have a couple of extras this month and you can get yours to make something amazing with here.

March 2018 Baby Quilt Club Bundle from The Village Haberdashery

Clockwise from the top this bundle includes:

Kona Cotton Solids – Woodrose
Garden SanctuaryTools in White by Rae Ritchie (Dear Stella)
Kona Cotton Solids – Geranium
Hey Dot – Starry Dot in Fuchsia by Zen Chic (Moda)
Kona Cotton Solids – Spring
Garden Sanctuary – Blooming Garden in White by Rae Ritchie (Dear Stella)
Kona Cotton Solids – Lake
Garden Sanctuary – Hedgehogs in White by Rae Ritchie (Dear Stella)
Kona Cotton Solids – Wasabi
Garden Dreamer – Terra Firma in Humid by Maureen Cracknell (Art Gallery)
Kona Cotton Solids – Bone
NeverlandPixie Dust in Blue by Jill Howarth (Riley Blake)

Want an awesome bundle of fabric delivered to your letterbox each month? Why not join one of our monthly clubs.

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Our first Children’s Art Show!

We are so excited that our first Children’s Art Show is now installed in our lobby at West Hampstead Square. We have a small but very talented group of kids who submitted artwork. They are so creative, using all sorts of materials to make art based on the theme Spring.

I know not all of you will be able to come in to see it in real life, so we have some photos to share!

Antonia, age 5 and Susana, age 4

Erin, age 9 and Eleanor, age 8

Jasmine, age 12

Nadia, age 5

Zain, age 5

Harvey, age 4

Sofia, age 10

Well done and thank you to everyone who participated. These will be on display until 15 April.


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