Hoooked Zpagetti T-Shirt Yarn - 60m Bobbins - Choose a Colour

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Zpagetti is the original 100% recycled textile yarn made of superior quality recycled textile selvedges and remnants. The textiles are handpicked and turned into t-shirt yarn by Hoooked in Portugal and meet the European REACH standards for the safety of dying chemicals.

Zpagetti knits or crochets like a bulky yarn and creates a very fast and sturdy result. A large bobbin can produce about 30cm x 30cm material. It is perfect for knitting poufs and pillows, crocheting baskets and rugs and creating macrame weavings and plant hangers. Check out our Projects for T-Shirt Yarn pinboard for more ideas!

Each colour is numbered. Please leave a note at checkout to tell us which colour by number you'd like to buy!

Collection: Hoooked Zpagetti

Manufacturer: Hoooked

Content: Varies by textile - at least 90% cotton plus a small amount of other fibres such as elastane

Weight: Approx 425 grams

Length: 50 - 60m

Gauge: A large bobbin produces approx 30cm x 30 cm knitted or crochet material

Suggested needle or hook size: 12mm - 15mm

Please note, we only stock one of each colour unless specified.

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