Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co. pre-sale!

New in stock at The Village Haberdashery

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Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co. pre-sale!

We are so excited by the new Menagerie collection by Rifle Paper Co., and are now accepting pre-orders. As the name implies, Menagerie covers a wide range of characters, designs, and fabric substrates, including quilting weight cottoncotton lawns printed with metallic ink, rayon, cotton-linen blend canvas, and a brand new cotton/rayon lawn, perfect for dressmaking.

Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co. pre-sale!

In this third collection from Rifle Paper Co., some of the esteemed stationery company’s newest jungle themed designs are translated from painting and paper to Cotton + Steel fabrics, supported by the ever-popular signature Rifle florals. You can shop the pre-sale here.

Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co. pre-sale!

New Twist colours from Dashwood Studio

We love this season’s new colours of Twist, the fun stash builder from Dashwood Studio! Designed to compliment and co-ordinate with Dashwood’s other collections, they are a handy basic that mixes beautifully in your quilting projects! You can shop all our Twist fabrics here.

New Twist colours from Dashwood Studio

Fashionary sketchbooks are back!

Tailor made for fashion designers, Fashionary is a sketchbook combined with extensive fashion information and blended figure templates. Perfect for planning your dressmaking projects, Fashionary is available in A5 size in stylish red or black, or a handy set of three mini sketchbooks, so you can always keep one on you for new ideas. Shop our Fashionary range here.

Fashionary sketchbooks are back

Cards for the wedding season

Now that it’s wedding season, we thought we’d compile some of our favourite wedding cards. Congratulate the happy couple with a super cute illustrated ‘Yes’ card by Amelia Flower, a luxury ‘Perfect Match’ card by À L’aise, or a botanical ‘Congrats’ card by Natalie Lea Owen. Shop greeting cards for weddings here.

Cards for the wedding season

O-Rings for bag-making and macrame

O-rings are useful for bag and belt-making and macrame! Available in two sizes – 25mm and 50mm – and silver or antique finishes, these o-rings are perfect for your next macrame or bag project. You can make your own modern macrame plant hanger with this tutorial by Susana Cunha, and shop our o-rings here.

O-Rings for bag-making and macrame

Create Your Own Stationery with Nancy Straughan

In this special paper craft workshop taught by Nancy Straughan, you will learn techniques to personalise your own greetings cards, envelopes and paper to create a beautiful collection of designed stationery. You’ll take away a collection of handmade greetings cards, envelopes, gift tags and loose paper sheets to give to loved ones or decorate your home. Find out more and book your place here.

Create Your Own Stationery with Nancy Straughan

Special offer

Rico Linea Botanica has been added to the Sale section at 40% off! This lovely, soft 3-ply yarn is spun from organic wool and dyed with natural herbal colouring. Find it in the shop here!

Rico Linea Botanica has been added to the Sale section at 40% off!

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Three ways to get free sewing time in our studio!

Our new class studio at our West Hampstead shop is spacious and inspiring and filled with natural light. And when classes aren’t in session we would love it if you would come in and sew!

Our sewing studio is available to hire for £8 per hour per person. The use of our Janome sewing machines and overlockers and all of our sewing tools (scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, pins, etc.) are included in your hourly fee. You are also welcome to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and help yourself to our biscuit tin when you’re sewing. You can book studio time and read all about our terms here.

You can also take advantage of half price studio time on Thursday evenings from 6pm – 9pm when we’re open late for shopping and our weekly Knit Night! Just book your studio time as normal and you’ll be charged half price during those hours.

And here are three ways you can get your hands on some FREE studio time!

First, our new Prepaid Studio Punch Card. You can purchase one online here or on the shop. Buy four hours and get two hours free!

Prepaid Studio Punch Card

Not ready to commit? You can still earn free studio time! Just pick up a punch card in the shop on your next visit. Once you’ve paid for five hours of studio time you’ll get one hour free.

The Village Haberdashery studio punch card

Finally, you can have a card worth two free hours of studio time if you’re a new customer and you sign up for an account in the shop! Just pop in to our West Hampstead shop to find out more.

Two free hours studio time at The Village Haberdashery

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MORE Wonderland by Rifle Paper Company sewing inspiration!

We still have a great selection of the amazing Rifle Paper Company Wonderland fabric collection on our shelves, including those hard to find fat quarter bundles, and in case you were short of ideas of what to stitch it up into we thought we would share some makes from social media to get you inspired!

Wonderland by Rifle Paper Co for Cotton and Steel

We love the Rose Garden print in the Moss Metallic colour-way so much. How amazing does @colleenwynn look in her top and skirt!

Wonderland Inspiration

Cameos in Green is another fantastic green. @224acres has made this awesome bag…

Wonderland Inspiration

…and @somethingsewsweetofficial has created this simple but effective cushion cover. A great first project idea!

Wonderland Inspiration

Cameos also come in a Rose colour-way. This sweet apron by @missamandawilliams is perfect for baking those jam tarts!

Wonderland Inspiration

@chickietails has made these really lovely made everyday dresses in Cameos in Rose and Mad Tea Party in Neutral. How cute would a Geranium Dress be in these prints too!

Wonderland Inspiration

Speaking of things that are cute… what about this baby romper by @elisehuguette in Procession in Neutral!

Wonderland Inspiration

This skirt in the same by @stitchologyabq is so fun!

Wonderland Inspiration

The Painted Roses in Black Rayon fabric is so nice to work with and has a stunning drape. @cablesandcalico has cleverly ‘hacked together’ the Washi Dress and the Bettine Dress to create this stunner!

Wonderland Inspiration

This tunic by @kimaboxer works so well….

Wonderland Inspiration

…and she even had fabric left over for her daughter to make a mini dress too!

Wonderland Inspiration

@urbanspools looks super happy with her massive tote in Rose Garden in Crimson Metallic! Tote bags are great first projects for beginners!

Wonderland Inspiration

Don’t forget this fabric comes in Red too! Here is our By Hand London Flora Dress.

Wonderland Inspiration

Another one of the lovely rayons here with @missmake looking chic in her Green Bee Patterns Frances dress in Magic Forest in Ruby. This is also available in blue
Wonderland Inspiration

…and in a quilting cotton weight in Neutral (this fab bag is by @somethingsewsweetofficial)…

Wonderland Inspiration

…and Midnight Metallic! This skirt by @thuthu929 is awesome with it’s big bow!

Wonderland Inspiration

Looking for a simpler or quick sew perhaps…? How about a Willow Tank? This one is by @kimaboxer and fabric is Follow Suit in Navy Metallic Lawn. This fabric is extremely comfortable to wear!

Wonderland Inspiration

Check out this Deer and Doe Belladone dress in the same fabric by @joeycraftworkz.

Wonderland Inspiration

How about this Tie by @thuthu929. This fabric is great for the fellas too!

Wonderland Inspiration

@thesewingbeebee has designed this super cool yoga mat bag in Caterpillar Dots in Cobalt Metallic!

Wonderland Inspiration

This teapot quilt block by @quiltsbydenise in Garden Party in Navy is so fitting!…

Wonderland Inspiration

I wish our Colette Rue dress in this fabric fitted me!

Wonderland Inspiration

I hope our little round up of ideas has got you inspired to create your own Wonderland masterpieces! Share your makes with us using #thevillagehaberdashery. Check our more ideas by searching for#wonderlandfabric#riflepapercofabric and#riflepapercowonderland!

Find our remaining stock here. Get it quick before it disappears down a rabbit hole!

Pssst! We also still have some of Rifle Paper Co‘s other collection Les Fleurs Rayon left in stock including this stunning Birch Floral in Navy (This lovely cami top is by @somethingsewsweetofficial).

Les Fleurs Rayon

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A Year of Wreaths: June Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

It’s time for the May wreath in our Year of Wreaths series with Laura Howard! Read on for her beautiful butterflies tutorial and pick up a kit here. Take it away, Laura!

Felt Butterflies Wreath

This month’s wreath is an ode to two of summer’s great joys – clear blue skies, and beautiful butterflies!

The wreath is wrapped in some gorgeous sky blue yarn and decorated with butterflies made from wool blend felt. For an extra special wreath, you could use embroidery thread to decorate the butterflies’ wings or add sequins for a bit of sparkle. You can also use the butterfly template sheet for other crafty projects: cushions, greetings cards, hair clips, etc.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

All the supplies you’ll need to make the wreath are available from the Village Haberdashery shop – follow the links below for individual items or click here for the June wreath kit.

You will need:
*The template sheet provided (Click here to download the PDF templates)
*A 30cm polystyrene ring wreath base
*Wool blend felt in Hallows Eve, Fuchsia, Wisteria, Cotton Candy and Banana Cream.
*Matching sewing threads: orange, bright pink, purple, pink, and yellow.
*One skein of Manos del Uruguay Maxima – Status.
*Sewing scissors (embroidery scissors are great for cutting out small shapes!)
*Sewing needles and pins
*Glue gun and glue
*A heat-proof mat for the glue gun
*Newspaper to protect your workspace from any glue drips
*Optional: co-ordinating ribbon

1. Decorate the wreath base with the Manos del Uruguay Maxima – Status. Secure the yarn with a knot at what will become the back of your wreath. Begin wrapping the yarn around the wreath base, passing the ball of yarn through the hole in the centre of the wreath as you wrap the yarn around the outside. Hide the loose yarn end under the yarn as you wrap, and make sure that you’re not leaving any gaps where the white wreath base shows through. Continue wrapping, gradually covering the whole of the wreath base. Wrapping the wreath takes a while, so I highly recommend wrapping your wreath while watching a film or some episodes of your favourite TV show.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

Once the whole wreath base has been covered with yarn, tie a knot securely at the back and carefully trim the loose end so it won’t be visible when the wreath is hung up.

2. Use the templates provided to cut out the butterfly pieces. Each butterfly is made up of a top wing piece (marked A), a bottom wing piece (marked B) and a body piece (marked C). For each butterfly, cut two of each wing piece (flipping the templates over when cutting the second pieces) and two body pieces.

Butterfly 1 = yellow and bright pink. Butterfly 2 = pink. Butterfly 3 = purple and yellow. Butterfly 4 = bright pink. Butterfly 5 = orange. Butterfly 6 = purple, orange and pink.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

3. Sew the butterfly pieces together, using sewing thread to match the felt. Use whip stitch to join the two body pieces – hide the knot between the two layers and finish your stitching neatly at the back.

Then arrange the wing pieces so they overlap slightly, with the top (A) pieces overlapping the bottom (B) pieces. Join the pieces together with a line of small stitches where they overlap. On the smallest butterflies you’ll just need a couple of stitches to join the pieces together.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

4. Arrange the butterfly pieces on the wreath, using the photos as a guide. Leave a small gap between the wings for the body pieces. When you’re happy with the arrangement, use pins to hold the wing pieces in position and set the body pieces aside.

Tip: you may find it helpful to line up the body pieces in the order they’ll be needed on the wreath so you can make sure to match the correct body to each butterfly.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

5. Glue the wing pieces to the wreath. One by one, remove a wing and turn it over. Add a dab of glue in the middle of the wing then carefully place the shape back in position and press it onto the wreath.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

IMPORTANT: take care when working with the glue gun as the glue gets very hot! Always place it on a heat-proof mat when not in use, and use newspaper or other scrap paper to protect your workspace. Work slowly, squeezing the gun with care to control the amount of glue you’re using and keeping your fingers out of the way of the hot glue.

Tip: you may find it helpful to test glue a couple of scrap pieces of felt before you start, so you can see how much glue you need to use to hold each piece in place.

6. Add the remaining butterfly pieces. One by one pick up a body piece, add a small dab of glue in the correct spot, and then very carefully press the felt piece in place on top.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

7. Your wreath is now finished! Add a length of yarn or co-ordinating ribbon for hanging the wreath, or hang it directly from a hook or nail.

A Year of Wreaths: June – Felt Butterflies Wreath by Laura Howard

Thanks for another great tutorial Laura!

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Meet our teachers: Suzie Dicker, calligraphy

Suzie Dicker is the founder of London-based minimalist luxury stationery and leather goods brand À L’aise. She created the company to fuel her fascination with high quality paper and design with a focus on timeless design and an emphasis on quality. Suzie teaches her Introduction to Modern Calligraphy class at our West Hampstead store. We took the opportunity to quiz her a little about herself and À L’aise.

Suzie Dicker.
Q: Where did you first discover your love of calligraphy?

A: One of my first jobs, aged 17, was working for a luxury stationer in Bath. It had floors of different papers and used to sell amazing inks and nibs from all over the world. They also produced bespoke stationery for weddings and parties, occasionally with calligraphy on. It used to fascinate me that it had been done by hand. I don’t think I could even comprehend it at this age. Later on whilst working for Meticulous Ink, another luxury stationers in Bath, I remember we received a sample of a calligraphers work that blew me away. The envelope had the most beautiful calligraphy in bright white ink and I would sit running my hands over the ever so slightly raised script in awe. One weekend I decided I would teach myself. I picked it up fairly quickly and had never felt so passionate about a craft before. We started offering bespoke calligraphy pretty soon after this and I have never looked back. People often ask what my hobbies are and its calligraphy, it just happens to be what I do for work now. I still calligraph in my spare time, usually doing the opposite of what I’ve been commissioned to do that week. It’s more experimental and usually just doodles or one elaborate envelope for a friend or family member.

Q: Tell us about your brand À L’aise.

A: À L’aise is a modern luxury stationery brand. The name is French for ‘at ease’ or ‘comfortable’ and I want that to directly translate onto the products we create. We design cards, gift-wrap, prints and leather goods. Everything we create has to be well made, using the best materials and have an understated calm to it, allowing them to effortlessly slip into someone’s life. I always refer to À L’aise as ‘we’, really it’s just me at home in my studio with my 2 cats.

A L'Aise

Q: I just love the different coloured inks you have available! How do you go about choosing colours?

A: Honestly, I just create the colours I want to use. For example I couldn’t find copper coloured ink I liked so I set about creating one in just the right consistency. I honestly design everything out of passion. I think that’s really important, you have to love what you’re making before someone else will too. I like the freedom running a business gives you to create freely.


Q: Do you have a favourite item of stationery? Why is it so special?

A: This is a difficult question, I have an obscene amount of stationery and I hoard things away. The very first stationers I worked at actually closed down it’s shop in Bath when I was working there and it was just me and the owner left to sell everything left in the shop. She was really good fun and I remember us both digging through the stock room finding all the stock we needed to get rid of and I would pull things out and say “wow, this is cool” and she would just reply “have it!” I left with stacks of things from that old shop and I still have a lot of it and it means a lot to me, my favourite being tons of pastel, glittery wax seals… because who doesn’t need to seal the letters with pink glittery wax? That shop really developed my love of fine stationery (and tacky coloured wax seals) and probably is what lead me to running a stationery business.

A Laise

Q: We are really looking forward to your next class with us. What can students expect in your Calligraphy Classes?

A: My Beginners Modern Calligraphy course is a crash course on the basics of modern calligraphy. We start with learning how to use the nib, moving onto forming the letters of the alphabet and then learning how to create beautifully flowing script. You get to keep everything you have used in the workshop to take home, which is important, as practice really does make perfect when it comes to calligraphy!

Q: What is the most silly thing you have been asked to write in calligraphy?!

A: I offer bespoke calligraphy on any greeting card you buy from my website for an extra £3.50. People sort of assume when ordering online it’s done by machine and a human won’t ever see what they’re writing inside of the card. I get some pretty intimate messages to write, but I’m a real romantic and absolutely love it. To be honest it’s that sort of thing that makes my day.

Calligraphy at The Village Haberdashery

You can follow Suzie on Instagram at @a_laise_stationery, find her website here, and check out her upcoming classes here.

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New in stock at The Village Haberdashery

Note: The content of this post is similar to what we shared in today’s newsletter. If you want updates delivered to your inbox each week, pop your email in the box on the right or sign up here!

Outback Wife Barkcloth by Gertrude Made

We adore the debut fabric collection by Cathi Bessell-Browne, the hands and heart behind Gertrude Made!

Outback Wife Barkcloth by Gertrude Made

Inspired by the beautiful floral barkcloth fabrics of the 1940s and 1950s, each detail of this collection has been meticulously considered to create a range with an authentic vintage voice.

Outback Wife Barkcloth by Gertrude Made

The stunning hand-painted floral designs, printed on an exclusive cotton barkcloth base, are perfect for making vintage-inspired dresses and skirts.

Outback Wife Barkcloth by Gertrude Made

You can shop our Outback Wife Barkcloth fabrics here.

Whimsical quilting cottons by Rae Ritchie

The outdoors come alive in Rae Ritchie‘s whimsical fabric designs for Dear Stella. Take a stroll though a magical twilight garden with the celestial moon phases print, and gear up for a natural adventure with mason jars full of fireflies. Perfect for quilting, apparel, and home decor accents, shop these whimsical cotton fabrics here.

Whimsical quilting cottons by Rae Ritchie

Illustrated greeting cards by Amelia Flower

We love these super cute illustrated greeting cards by London-based Amelia Flower. Tell that person how you feel with the ‘I Like You More Than Food‘ card, congratulate the happy couple with the ‘Yes!‘ wedding card, or celebrate their Birthday with the ‘Party Time‘ card. You can shop all our Amelia Flower cards here.

Illustrated greeting cards by Amelia Flower

Issue 2 of Suzy Magazine

She’s back! The long awaited second issue of your favourite fashion sewing magazine is finally here. Bigger and better than before, Suzy is back with more chats with your favourite sewing bloggers, a look behind the scenes of Tilly and the Buttons HQ, a fun flow chart to help with your spring sewing, a gorgeous editorial fashion spread of handmade clothing, and much more. Find out more and order your copy here.

Issue 2 of Suzy Magazine 2017-2018 agendas

We’re pretty excited that the new 2017-2018 agendas have arrived! Not just your average planner, the agenda is also an art gallery, a cheerleader, a top secret document, a personal assistant, and a best friend. Available in three sizes and various designs, shop for your perfect agenda here. 2017-2018 agendas

Traveling Blooms Quilt Kit by Anna Maria Horner

Pre-order this kit containing the pattern and all of the fabric you need to make Anna Maria Horner’s stunning Traveling Blooms Quilt! The kit includes almost 11 metres of fabric including binding. Pre-order the quilt kit here. We are thrilled that Anna Maria Horner will be teaching a class in our West Hampstead shop on this beautiful quilt in August. Find out more and book your place here.

Traveling Blooms Quilt Kit by Anna Maria Horner

Watercolour Brush Lettering with Emma Block

Develop your own brush lettering style in this contemporary brush lettering workshop taught by illustrator Emma Block using beautiful watercolours! You will be given a complete set of materials which you can take away after class, including guide sheets, a brush, and a tube of watercolour paint. Find out more and sign up here.

Watercolour Brush Lettering with Emma Block

Special offer

Stock up on washi tape this week at 10% off with code WASHI10! Start shopping here.

Stock up on washi tape this week at 10% off with code WASHI10!

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Reminder! June Make Like a Boss with Tilly Walnes is tonight!

A quick reminder that the June event in our Make Like a Boss networking series for creative small businesses is tonight at 7pm at our West Hampstead Shop! This month we’re excited to chat with Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons about her journey from learning to sew to international sewing pattern brand in just a few years. Our Q&A will be followed by time to hang out and chat, learn, share, moan and come away with some new contacts and ideas for your business. Drinks and snacks will be provided! Book your place here and read on for more info.

Make Like a Boss with Tilly Walnes

Tilly designs award-winning sewing patterns that are sold in shops around the world, including Liberty of London and John Lewis. She is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Love at First Stitch, was a contestant in BBC2’s The Great British Sewing Bee and was named ‘Favourite Sewing Personality’ in the British Sewing Awards the last two years in a row. We’ll be talking to Tilly about turning her sewing blog into a full-time job, how to expand from a one-woman business into a team, writing a book (she has another one on the way!) and more.

Tilly Walnes

Here are the quick facts for the June event:

Date: Wednesday, 21 June
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead
Guest: Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons
Cost: Free
RSVP: Via Eventbrite or to [email protected]

Good to know: 

Save 26 July for our next event with Jennifer Chan and Jen Hoang of Stitch & Story! You can grab your ticket here.

Our Facebook Group is now active, so even if you can’t make it to the events you can get in on the conversation and connect with other creative small business women by joining the group.

Want email updates about Make Like a Boss events? S


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The colour of the month for June is black!

This month’s Colour of the Month Club members will be receiving these bundles of black stash builders! We are crazy about this mix, which includes gingham and canvas, a glow in the dark constellation print and a couple of prints that you can’t buy apart from in this bundle!

Colour of the Month Club Designer Stash Builders Bundle

FlurryBlack Spot by Susan Driscoll (Dashwood Studio)
Checkers1/2″ Gingham in Black (Cotton and Steel)
Copenhagen Print FactoryWildflower on Black (Copenhagen Print Factory)
Rough CutBotanica in Black by Ellen Luckett Baker (Kokka)
Cosmic SpaceGlow in the Dark Constellations (Blank Quilting)
Adventure Awaits – Stars in Black by Wee Gallery (Dear Stella)
Cotton + Steel Basics – Netorious in Black Cat (Cotton and Steel)
Little Stripe – Black (Michael Miller)
ArchitexturesCrosshatch in Black by Carolyn Friedlander (Robert Kaufman)
Cotton + Steel Basics – Add It Up in Close Your Eyes (Cotton and Steel)

Since there is only one black Kona, in June our members who receive Kona Cotton Solids selections get brown!

Colour of the Month Club Kona Cotton Solids Bundle

Clockwise from top, this bundle includes Kona Cotton Solids in Sable, Chestnut, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Mocha, Bison, Biscuit, Latte, Stone and Earth.

Want a hand-picked selection of designer stash builders or Kona Cotton Solids delivered to your letterbox each month? Join our Colour of the Month Club!

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July/August Classes and Events at The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead

Come and join us in these lovely summer months in our bright and airy studio space in our West Hampstead shop for one of our creative classes or events! We have something to suit every level, interest, and schedule!

Read on to find out what we have planned for July/August or browse all of our classes here. Plus, don’t forget about our fun, free drop in Knit Night every Thursday from 6:30pm… just bring your knitting, we’ll supply the biscuits!


Want to work on your own project in our studio? Check out out studio bookings page to book a slot! Also any of our classes can be booked as private parties… click here to find out more!

Sew a Kalle Shirt or Shirtdress with Rachel Pinheiro
Saturday, 1 July and Sunday, 2 July, 11am – 5pm (£165)

With a loose, body skimming silhouette, the Kalle Shirt and Shirtdress from Closet Case Patterns is the ultimate in chic, easy dressing. In this fun two-day class you’ll learn loads of new construction techniques, from from collars and shirt pockets to button plackets and buttonholes and more! You can choose to make the shirtdress, the tunic version or the cropped version. Find out more and sign up here.

Sew a Kalle Shirt or Shirtdress with Rachel Pinheiro

Modern Blackwork Embroidery with Carina Envoldsen-Harris
Sunday, 2 July, 10:30am – 1:30pm (£40)

Blackwork is a style of embroidery that uses counted thread work in lacy, geometric patterns. In this class you’ll learn the basics of this beautiful technique while making a colourful coaster using an oversize blackwork embroidery pattern. There are endless blackwork patterns so you could take your new skills and make a whole set of colourful coasters in different patterns! You’ll also be provided with options for finishing your coaster by hand or machine at home. Find out more and sign up here.

Modern Blackwork at The Village Haberdashery

Make Your Own Espadrilles with Suzie Kemner
Monday, 3 July, 6:30pm – 9:30pm (£45)

Spend a fun evening making your own strappy espadrilles, in a fabric of your choice. You’ll walk away with one completed sandal, with all the knowledge and skills to finish the second one (and many more pairs!) at home. Imagine all the fabrics you could use! Find out more and sign up here.

Make your own Espadrilles!

Learn to Knit with Renée Callahan
Wednesday, 5 July, 6:30pm – 9:30pm (£45)

Do you want to learn to knit or need a refresher on the basics? This class is for you! In this class, experienced knitting teacher and knitwear pattern designer Renée Callahan will start from the very beginning and cover everything you need to know to get started knitting: knit stitch, purl stitch, casting on and off. Find out more and sign up here.

Learn to Knit at The Village Haberdashery

Introduction to Free Motion Quilting with Trudi Wood
Saturday, 8 July, 10am – 4pm (£80)

Join experienced Free Motion Quilter Trudi Wood in a hands on class to learn (or build on your) free motion quilting skills. Focussing on technique, this class will show you how to set yourself up for success by sharing tips and simple designs which will enable you to finish a project without unpicking or throwing it out of the window! Find out more and sign up here!

Free Motion Quilting with Trudi Wood

Crochet Basket Workshop with Rachel Rogers
Sunday, 9 July, 11am – 1:30pm (£40)

Learn to crochet while creating a fun and endlessly useful crochet basket out of recycled t-shirt yarn! This class will introduce you to the basics of crochet, how to follow a crochet pattern, how to change colours and how to finish a crochet project. All materials are included in the class fee. Find out more and sign up here.

Crochet Baskets with Rachel Rogers

Fitting Masterclass with Charlotte Newland
Sunday, 9 July, 10am – 5pm (£95)

This intensive one-day class is designed for students who know how to sew, but want to learn how to make a dress that fits beautifully. Working with the dress pattern of your choice, our experienced instructor will teach show you tips and techniques for taking accurate measurements, making a muslin, evaluating fit, basic pattern adjustments (blending between sizes, bust adjustments, lengthening/shortening) and altering your pattern. You’ll leave class with a finished muslin and a corrected pattern so you can make the dress of your dreams at home! Find out more and sign up here.

Fitting Masterclass with Charlotte Newland

Paint a Planter Workshop with Mary-Ann Aveline
Wednesday, 12 July, 6:30pm – 9pm (£45)

Get your creative juices flowing with our Paint a Planter Workshop. We will play with colour, pattern and mark making before painting our ceramic planters with specialist paint and experimenting with beautiful gold leaf. By the end of the class you will have created your very own waterproof ceramic planter which you can fill with either a cacti or succulent. Find out more and sign up here.

Paint a Planter Workshop with Mary Ann Aveline

Introduction to Macrame: Wall Hanging with Susana Cunha
Saturday, 15 July, 10:30am – 12:30pm (£45)

Macrame is a form of textile-making that uses knots rather than weaving or knitting. In this class you’ll learn macrame basics, including how to get started, how to create square knots, how to use knots to create a pattern and how to customise or design your own pattern for future projects. You’ll leave class with a beautiful wall-hanging made from recycled t-shirt yarn and hand-collected local wood…and an addictive new hobby! Find out more and sign up here!

Introduction to Macrame with Susana Cunha

Stitch Improv with Carina Envoldsen-Harris
Saturday, 15 July, 1pm – 5pm (£50)

In this class you will learn how to create a narrative on patchwork, combining it with embroidery, appliqué techniques and various embellishments. We will start the class by putting together a patchwork base and then we will transfer a floral/botanical pattern onto this base. You will be able to choose from three different patterns – or draw your own. Find out more and sign up here.

Stitch Improv at The Village Haberdashery

Embroidery for Beginners with Carina Envoldsen-Harris
Sunday, 16 July, 10:30am – 1:30pm (£40)

This class is a fun and colourful introduction to hand embroidery that is designed for beginners or those who want a refresher. You will start by learning the tools of the craft, how to use a hoop and how to transfer a pattern. Next, we’ll explore a selection of stitches – running stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, French knots and more – by creating a sweet modern sampler designed by Carina. You’ll leave with everything you need to know to complete your sampler at home and the confidence to try your next embroidery pattern independently! Find out more and sign up here.


Cross Stitch for Beginners with Kym Armstrong
Wednesday, 19 July, 6:30pm – 9pm (£35)

Cross stitch is portable, relaxing and seriously addictive! This one-evening class will cover the cross stitch basics from tools to techniques while you stitch a modern cross stitch design to take home! You’ll learn how to work with embroidery floss and the various types of cross stitch fabric, how to get started by anchoring your thread and reading a stitch chart, how to follow a pattern including basic stitches, working rows and changing colours and how to finish your work to display it at home. Find out more and sign up here.

Cross stitch kits from The Make Arcade

Isosceles Triangle Masterclass with Judith Dahmen
Saturday, 22 July, 10am – 4pm (£85)

Designed for intermediate and advanced quilters, this class will take you through the tricky bits of isosceles triangle patchwork. We will cover how to cut triangles with a ruler, deal with bias seams and sew precise and sharp points while working on a baby or lap-size pyramid quilt top. You’ll be able to keep your isosceles triangle ruler and you’ll leave with the confidence to complete your quilt top at home! Find out more and sign up here.

Isosceles Triangle Masterclass with Judith Dahmen

Brush Lettering Workshop with Emma Block
Tuesday, 25 July, 6:30pm – 9pm (£60)

Taught by illustrator Emma Block, this contemporary brush lettering workshop will focus on developing skills and learning techniques allowing you to grow in confidence and start to develop your own brush lettering style. We’ll start with exercises to practice making shapes, creating lines of different thicknesses and using different brushstrokes. You’ll then practice writing the alphabet, words and phrases with plenty of help and guidance on hand. You will be given a complete set of materials which you can take away after class, including guide sheets, a brush and a pot of indian ink. Plus you’ll learn how to photograph your brush lettering using just your iPhone to create a unique piece of digital artwork! Find out more and sign up here.

Learn the art of brush lettering with Emma Block

Make Like a Boss July Event with Stitch & Story
Wednesday, 26 July, 7pm – 9pm – FREE

Make Like a Boss is a networking series for creative small businesses hosted at The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead, London. Each free event features a Q&A with a small business owner followed by time to hang out and chat, learn, share, moan and come away with some new contacts and ideas for your business. Drinks and snacks will be provided!

In July we’ll be chatting to Jenny Lam and Jen Hoang of Stitch & Story. Stitch & Story is a modern knitting brand founded by two friends whose passion for knitting gave them the inspiration to fill a gap they found in the market. They aim to make knitting simple and stress-free by offering all-in-one DIY kits with knitting patterns to reflect current fashion trends and lifestyle products. Find out more and sign up here.

Make Like a Boss

Free Knitting Class and Clinic with Renee Callahan – Continental Knitting
Thursday, 27 July, 6:30pm – 9pm (Free)

In this special edition of our weekly Thursday Knit Night with our teacher Renee Callahan, we’ll spend an hour learning Continental knitting followed by a clinic where you’ll be able to get expert help with your knitting challenges! Find out more and reserve your place here.

Free Knitting Class at The Village Haberdashery!

Sew a Jersey Moneta Dress with Charlotte Newland
Saturday, 29 July, 10am – 5pm (£85)

Learn to sew with knits whilst making yourself the stylish and comfy Colette Moneta Dress! In this class we’ll cover key skills for sewing with knits on a home sewing machine, from fitting to finishing, plus you’ll learn handy techniques like how to use clear elastic for gathering. You’ll also have the opportunity to try sewing knits on an an overlocker! Find out more and sign up here.

Sew a Jersey Moneta Dress with Charlotte Newland

Traveling Blooms Quilt with Anna Maria Horner
Sunday, 6 August, 10am – 5pm (£145)

Anna Maria designed this study in borders to feature her Floral Retrospective collection along with some choice pieces from her Loominous yarn dyed collections. This is a wonderful introduction to appliqué as well as a great refresher on half square triangles and other simple patchwork. Size and scale is easily customisable, the class it appropriate for all skill levels and a great stepping off point for variations. Find out more and sign up here.

Traveling Blooms Quilt with Anna Maria Horner

Inspiration by Hand with Anna Maria Horner
Monday, 7 August, 6pm – 9:30pm (£70)

Drawing on her tireless passion for handwork, Anna Maria Horner will provide a survey of handwork details for quilt makers, including her hand quilting technique, several popular embroidery stitches to try on a sampler, and embellishment. With several diverse examples of her own explorations to share, Anna Maria will demonstrate a variety of stitch styles and show you how to look at fabric and materials in a new way. Find out more and sign up here.

Inspiration by Hand with Anna Maria Horner

Needle Felted Kitten with Gretel Parker
Saturday, 12 August, 10:30am – 5pm (£65)

Needlefelting is the simple art of hand-sculpting objects with wool roving by stabbing it with a barbed needle. You can make almost anything with needle felting – the only limit is your imagination! In this class, our expert teacher will guide us through the equipment and techniques involved with needle felting while teaching us how to make a sweet little felt cats! This project was recently featured on the cover of craft bible Mollie Makes. Find out more and sign up here.

Needle Felted Kitten

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June Baby Quilt Club reveal!

Our Baby Quilt Club members this month are in for a real treat with this really cool buy bundle! We just couldn’t resist using the two fun fabrics we have from the Loose in the City collection by Michael Miller and this bundle just grew from there! Want one of the limited edition extras? You can find them here!

June Baby Quilt Club Bundle

Pitter Patter – Cloudy in Sky (Michael Miller)
Kona Cotton Solid – Water (Robert Kaufman)
Loose in the CityPark City in Brite (Michael Miller)
Kona Cotton Solid – Jade Green (Robert Kaufman)
Loose in the CityLoose in the City in Brite (Michael Miller)
Kona Cotton Solid – Storm (Robert Kaufman)
Water LandLeaves in Green by Jessica Nielson (Cloud 9)
Kona Cotton Solid – Clover (Robert Kaufman)
Wonderland by Rifle Paper Co.Caterpillar Dots in Grey by Rifle Paper Co. / Anna Rifle Bond (Cotton + Steel)
Kona Cotton Solid – Steel (Robert Kaufman)
FlurryOrange Spot by Susan Driscoll (Dashwood Studio)
Kona Cotton Solid – Flame (Robert Kaufman)

Want an awesome bundle of fabric delivered to your letterbox each month? Why not join one of our monthly clubs!

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